Rock Springs Roundup Over?

The gather page says operations concluded on January 17, with 4,161 horses captured, 580 returned and 37 dead.  No activity has been reported since.

An announcement has not appeared at the BLM news site.

The number of animals shipped was not provided.  The total, based on the daily reports, was 3,605.

The number of animals returned cannot be correlated with figures in the daily reports.

The results don’t balance:

4,161 – 580 – 37 – 3,605 = –61

More horses were processed than captured.

The number of horses removed was

4,161 – 580 = 3,581

The capture goal was 4,400 and the removal goal was 3,500.

The pre-gather population was thought to be 5,105, compared to a combined AML of 2,145 for the five HMAs involved—which are managed primarily for livestock.

Rock Springs HMAs 10-13-21

The advocates wanted the government to cancel the roundup and get rid of the horses with PZP, oblivious to the lopsided resource allocations that put ranching interests far above those of the horses.

The incident was a likely precursor to the Rock Springs RMP Amendments, which will close three of the HMAs and downsize a fourth.

Little Colorado, the fifth HMA subject to the roundup, was not included in the proposed amendments, as it has already been, in effect, zeroed out.

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