Countdown to 50 | 2 Days to Go

Reports about free-roaming horses and burros usually do not mention permitted grazing and how the original WHB Act was altered at the behest of ranching interests.

The new priorities, which protect the public-lands ranchers, not the horses and burros, are reflected in the current statute and the federal regulations affecting those animals.

Today we we acknowledge the role of big tech and the media in controlling what the American people see and hear about wild horses and burros.

Search results point to groups that accept the overpopulation narrative, promote PZP darting and other means of population suppression, and are helping the government achieve and maintain AMLs—which are biased in favor of the ranchers.

Film crews don’t go back to the HMAs after roundups to see what type of animals filled the void and follow-up reports suggest the horses are better off in the gulags.

Is it because they’re not curious or are they just following orders?

These people don’t bring you the truth, they insulate you from it.

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