How Many Wild Horses Can the Pancake Complex Support?

The AML is 638, so that’s it, right?

The Complex can only support 638 wild horses if you assign 85% of the authorized forage to privately owned cattle and sheep.

Tables 3 – 6 in the Final EA for resource enforcement actions provide data for livestock AUMs inside the Complex, which were summarized in this post.  The numbers in the Preliminary EA carried over to the Final EA with no changes.

Livestock receive 43,344 AUMs per year inside the Complex, assuming the resource is evenly distributed across the allotments.

That forage would support an additional 43,344 ÷ 12 = 3,612 wild horses.

The True AML, the number of horses the Complex could support it it was managed principally for wild horses, as specified in the original statute, is 638 + 3,612 = 4,250.

The pre-gather population of 3,244 is well within this range.

The number of horses displaced by permitted grazing represents about 7% of those in off-range holding.

If public-lands ranching was ended in this and fifteen other such areas, all of those horses could be returned to the range.

The ranchers, bureaucrats and advocates don’t want you knowing any of this because it torpedoes the justification for their roundups and fertility control programs.

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