CANA Foundation Throws in with Public-Lands Ranchers

A news release posted today by EIN Presswire praises language in a draft appropriations bill for the Department of the Interior about the ‘rewilding’ of horses and burros.

The concept, which appears on page 15 of the proposed legislation, refers to the transfer of captured horses from government corrals and contracted pastures to private facilities, not their home range, just as the ranchers wanted.

The draft also includes $6 million for the first phase of the wild horse eradication plan, also favored by the ranchers.  See page 10.

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Multiple Use on the Heber WHT

Video of some wild horses trying to live peacefully with ‘other rangeland resources’ in the disputed territory.  What could possibly go wrong?

Oh yeah…eleven of the horses have been killed by gunfire in the past year.

Pay no attention to the fencing.  It was put there by an oil company to keep nosy environmentalists away from their drilling rigs and frac tanks.

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Visiting the Black Hills Sanctuary

On the road in South Dakota with RVOnTheWayside.

Places like this can never be accepted as a solution to the wild horse ‘problem.’  Privately owned livestock, which far outnumber wild horses on public lands in the western U.S., belong on private land, not free roaming horses.

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The Big-Name Advocacy Groups Have Lost Their Way

Refer to this letter in the Desert Independent, posted 06/15/19.  It’s just one example.

Whenever you see a plea for ‘on-range management’ of wild horses (sometimes posited as ‘humane management’), run.

These organizations offer no meaningful resistance to the ranching juggernaut.

Instead, they argue about methods and timing: The range-fed beef producers want the horses gone now, by any means necessary, while the so-called advocates want their numbers to decline gradually, through application of contraceptives.

Consider the situation at Twin Peaks HMA, where the horses get the short end of the AUM stick.  Why aren’t they pushing back against the public-lands ranchers?

Might be a good idea to check their donor list before giving them money.