Using Pesticides in a Manner Inconsistent with Their Labeling

Farmers use herbicides to control weeds.  Directions and precautions are specified on their labels.

What about the Montana Solution, a restricted-use pesticide?

The bureaucrats and advocates use it to achieve and maintain AMLs so ranchers can access most of the food and water in areas identified for wild horses and burros.

The product is used for pest control in animal agriculture.

Unfortunately, it can be used only on female horses and burros that are capable of doing environmental damage, according to a 2017 labeling amendment by the EPA, not those trying to reclaim their food from said ranchers.

PZP Labeling 04-29-23

Claiming that there are too many horses and burros in their lawful homes, that they’re robbing forage from livestock and wildlife, or that they’re a hazard to public health and safety, do not warrant the poisoning of those animals with said pesticide.

In addition to using the product in a manner that’s consistent with its labeling, governments overseeing such programs must name certified applicators as their designated agents, as discussed earlier this week.

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