Where Did All the AUMs Go?

Here is a map of southeastern Oregon and western Idaho, with layers added one by one, from the BLM National Data Viewer.  Click on image to open in new tab.

First, in gray, areas of critical environmental concern.

Second, in black, the HAs, lands identified for wild horses and burros.

Third, in orange, the HMAs, areas managed for wild horses and burros.

Fourth, in green, the grazing allotments, the #1 priority of rangeland management, obliterating everything else.

This is why you have 62,000 wild horses and burros in off-range holding and why the FY 2023 roundup schedule, not yet released, may top last year’s capture and removal targets.

Despite these results, the advocates continue to bash the drillers and miners, a small threat compared to permitted grazing, and push their ruinous darting programs.

The horses and burros don’t have a chance.

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Where Did All the AUMs Go 12-19-22

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