BLM Shortens Lead Time for Gather Announcements

Public notifications for wild horse roundups will now be given 14 days before the expected start date, according to a report posted today by Return to Freedom in Lompoc, CA.  The previous window was 31 to 76 days.

The decision was praised by a spokesman for the Public Lands Council, a front group for the public-lands ranchers and influence peddler in the 1970s when the Federal Land Policy and Management Act was drafted.

Gathers can still be performed on an emergency basis, with little or no advance notice.

Such was the case last year at the Wheeler Pass, Pancake and Antelope Valley HMAs, Nevada Wild Horse Range, Spruce-Pequop and Eagle HMAs, and the Owyhee Complex.

Roundups Prevent Inbreeding?

It’s true according KREX News in Grand Junction, CO.  Another benefit is that horses not suited to life in the wild are eliminated.  See this report dated 03/20/19.

Where did they get this information?  From the nutjobs at Friends of the Mustangs (who helped the BLM set the traps last fall ahead of the Little Bookcliffs gather)?

Wild horse roundups increase the likelihood of inbreeding due to the reduced size of the herds and horses unfit for life in the wild die off.

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Ranchers Encouraged by Devil’s Garden Roundup

Public-lands ranchers in Modoc County, CA are optimistic about the future, according to a story posted today by Tri-State Livestock News, now that 932 wild horses have been removed from the Devil’s Garden Plateau WHT.

The Forest Service is working with local permit holders to allow cattle back onto the range sometime this year.  Another roundup is planned for the fall.

Wild horses and burros are being pushed off public lands—territory set aside for them—so their food can be given to privately owned cattle and sheep.

Yet you still have a bunch of idiots running around with their PZP dart guns trying to convince everyone else that WHB are overpopulated on western rangelands.

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Saddle-Started Horses Available Later This Month in Carson City

BLM announced today that sixteen inmate-trained horses will be auctioned March 30 at the Northern Nevada Correctional Center.  They were gathered from HMAs in Nevada.


Refer to the news release for directions to the facility.  Mobil phones, cameras, recording devices and tobacco are prohibited.

The adoption catalog has descriptions of the horses and BLM’s adoption requirements.

Horses from Placitas Sanctuary Finding New Homes

A story posted this morning by the Santa Fe Reporter says that Mustang Camp, a training facility in Milan, NM, has agreed to take fifty of the horses from the Placitas Wild Horse Preserve at San Felipe Pueblo.

Approximately 25 horses from the sanctuary still need a new home.

As for the horses still roaming freely in the hills around Placitas, they may soon become the subject of a new fertility control program, according to the report.

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