Rangeland Conditions In Horse-Free Areas

There are no HMAs, HAs or WHTs on land administered by the Bruneau Field Office, part of BLM’s Boise District in Idaho.

Bruneau FO Map

Wild horses may move into or through the area from other HMAs.

If you’re a free-roaming horse and can’t access critical resources because of permitted grazing, or other reasons, you go elsewhere to survive.  That might include private property and lands managed almost exclusively for livestock—where you probably won’t be welcomed.

The allotment information report for the Bruneau Field Office, created by the Rangeland Administration System, shows many areas in the Improve category.

Bruneau FO Allotment Report 01-09-21

RAS does not explain the status categories but ‘Improve’ may mean that the allotment does not meet one or more standards for rangeland health.  If so, how much of the shortfall can be attributed to wild horses?  How much to drilling and mining?

The allotment master report for the Bruneau Field Office shows the pastures and permittees for each area and the authorization use report shows livestock types and grazing seasons.

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