Eagle Roundup Complete

BLM said today in a news release that the operation had concluded, with 1,716 excess horses captured and 47 returned to their home range.  The 24 deaths were not reported.

There has been much discussion on these pages about the effect on the horses but how many poor ranchers have been hurt by the mandatory AUM curtailment needed to achieve the Mojave-Southern Great Basin RAC standards for rangeland health?

There is no curtailment.

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Eagle Roundup Day 38

Cumulative totals through 02-22-20, per the BLM roundup page for the Eagle Complex:

  • 1,716 animals gathered
  • 23 deaths (1.3%)
  • 766 studs (44.8%)
  • 945 mares (55.2%)
  • 5 new foals (2019 foals counted as adults)

The proportions of mares and studs are still outside of statistical limits corresponding to n = 1,711 and p-bar = .50.  The number of mares removed from the area is assignably larger than the number of studs.  Why?

The gather target of 1,700 horses has been achieved.  Approximately 100 horses were to be returned but that hasn’t been reported yet.

Thriving Ecological Balance Rev 2

The horses are not starving when their population exceeds AML, they’re robbing too much forage from the most noble and deserving inhabitants of public-lands: Privately owned livestock.

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