Roundup Near Sand Wash Basin This Month

BLM said today that approximately 25 wild horses will be gathered and removed from private lands east of the Sand Wash Basin HMA, sometime this month.

The announcement did not indicate any public safety issues involving the horses and if the roundup was authorized on an emergency basis.

The HMA covers 157,730 acres in northwestern Colorado and has and AML of 363.


The operation will be carried out with bait traps and captured animals will be taken to the off-range corrals in Rock Springs, WY.  The news release did not say if it will be open to public observation (probably not).

A link to the gather stats and daily reports was not provided.

The horses are thought to have strayed from the HMA, where they are subject to humane management practices, according to the news release.

Wild Horse and Burro Program Driven by Special Interests?

One of the defining characteristics of the Trump presidency is the prevalence of bad advice, and givers thereof, evidenced by the turnover in his administration.

What about the BLM?  What has the President been told about America’s wild horses?

When interviewed back in September about the agency’s move to Grand Junction, U.S. Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) said, in response to a question about the location of the new headquarters (same building as some of the companies that lease federal lands),

“Washington is infested with special interests.  You mean to tell me that BLM is insulated from that?  They’re infested.”

Is the WHB program affected?  Of course it is.

You only need to look at the signatories to the ill-conceived ‘Path Forward‘ to see who’s calling the shots:

  • American Farm Bureau Federation
  • Society for Range Management
  • Public Lands Council
  • National Horse and Burro Rangeland Management Coalition
  • National Cattlemen’s Beef Association

When you come across a story about the wild horse ‘crisis,’ such as this one, posted today by United Press International, think about outside influences, hidden agendas and the underlying beliefs of the legislators and bureaucrats.

The ranching cabal wants the horses off the range so their food can be sold to them.

Everything else is pretense.

PSA 12-03-19

BLM Marketing WHB to East Coast Horse Owners?

A news release posted on Friday said that volunteers are needed for a one-year pilot project, beginning now, at adoption events and off-range corrals.

Responsibilities include public outreach, event promotion, transportation of animals and post-adoption compliance checks.

Young adults are encouraged to apply, regardless of experience.

The wild horse and burro outplacement program helps the public-lands ranchers enjoy more of what their allotments have to offer.

Muck Boots Update

On the right is the M11 / W12 boot from the previous post.  On the left is a M12 / W13 boot, just received.  The length is the same but it’s still a bit narrower.  The sidewall is thinner, not great for cold climates.


The top edge of the M11 / W12 boot cut into my right shin, chafing the skin away, even with a tall sock.  Had to fold the rim down to get it to heal.

These boots were a favorite but there are probably better options on the market.

Virginia Range Mustangs Graze Near Carson City Airport

They found some snow-covered grass on College Parkway, according to a story posted yesterday by Carson Now.  Includes photos.

A commenter said it was “Part of the heritage and charm of living in Northern Nevada.”

Couldn’t agree more.

Sometimes the horses can be found by taking Goni Road north, into the hills.

They also graze in and around Centennial Park, east of the airport.

Carson City Airport Map-1