Stakeholders Optimistic About ‘Ingenuity’ and ‘Perseverance’

“These vehicles hold great promise for minimizing wild horse herds,” said one of the ranchers who attended the conference with dozens of advocates.

“That prototype in New Mexico is already obsolete,” claimed another.

“One of the drawbacks of that contraption is that the horses have to come to it,’ noted one of the presenters, “but these things are mobile and can go on the offensive.”

Ingenuity and Perseverance 06-16-21

The rover and drone include a vast array of sensors, on-board ballistics computers and satellite positioning systems that assure pinpoint accuracy.

Darts are fired by linear motors that don’t use compressed gas or other propellants.

“These platforms will really put a dent in those herds,” whispered one of the advocates, “something we’ve dreamed of for a long time.”

Although the technology won’t be commercialized for several years, land managers are anxiously watching its development while researchers put the finishing touches on GonaQuine, a long-lasting treatment that isn’t classified as a sterilant.

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