What Do the AUM Numbers Tell You about an HMA?

Consider these data from Warm Springs HMA in southeast Oregon:

Warm Springs AUM Summary-1

What can you infer from these figures, omitting the portion for wildlife?

  • The AML is 202 (2,424 ÷ 12)
  • Privately owned livestock receive 89% of the forage (19,392 ÷  (2,424 + 19,392))
  • Wild horses receive 11% of the forage (2,424 ÷  (2,424 + 19,392))
  • Livestock receive eight times more forage than horses (19,392 ÷ 2,424)
  • The forage allocation for livestock would support 3,232 cow/calf pairs over a six month grazing season (19,392 ÷ 6)
  • The forage allocation for livestock would support 1,616 wild horses (19,392 ÷ 12)
  • The HMA can support 1,818 wild horses (202 + 1,616)
  • The AML represents 11% of the carrying capacity of the HMA (202 ÷ 1,818)

You don’t have a horse problem at Warm Springs HMA, you have a ranching problem.

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Cattle Grazing on Hill-1

Onaqui Mountain Roundup Ends with No News Release?

The gather ended on 09-19-19, according to the daily reports, with 241 excess horses removed from their home range.  Two deaths were reported (0.8%) and no animals were returned to the HMA.

Most of the body condition scores were fours and fives, not exactly what you’d expect for a herd that’s overpopulated.  A more plausible explanation is that they were robbing too much forage from the public-lands ranchers—on territory set aside for them.

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Where Did All the Horses Go-1

Invalid Conclusion from Recent Sterilization Survey?

The Animal Welfare Institute said today in a news release that 77% of Americans oppose sterilization experiments on wild horses by the BLM.

However, the disclaimer at the end of the announcement said the poll was not based on a probability sample, taken to mean that the persons responding were not selected at random from the population to which the inference was drawn.

What the study did establish is that 77% of 2,027 U.S. adults who responded to the survey oppose the BLM’s sterilization research.