Tampering with God’s Handiwork

BLM uses helicopters, she uses darts.  Results are the same: Fewer horses on the range.

One hundred and forty six lives denied.  Seems proud of it too.

How many of you would call the BLM ‘Advocates?’

The Mark of Authenticity

The BLM freeze mark says you’ve got the real deal.

This horse had a signalment key of HF1AAAAAM.

Male or female?

How many socks?

Buckskin or dun?

Link to BLM Freezemark & Signalment Key Decoder.


Meet the Horse, Meet the Owner

Bad horses are not born, they’re made.  If this is what you have to do to stop a horse from being put down then do it.

It’s not the pasture.

He’s not in a class of his own.

It’s you.

If you were trying to teach your horse to pick up his feet or take a halter, would you put him in a round pen and run the crap out of him?