BLM Ends Cash-and-Carry Policy

A rule change announced last May that allowed an individual to purchase up to 25 wild horses and burros per day, no questions asked and no waiting period, has been dropped, according to a report that appeared today in YubaNet of Nevada City, CA.

Sales will now be limited to a maximum of four wild horses or burros every six months, a rule that went into effect in 2014.

The report did not indicate if the limits apply to WHB adoptions.

Adoption Incentives Start Today

BLM announced today that persons who adopt wild horses and burros can receive a $500 payment from the government within 60 days of the adoption date, and an additional $500 within 60 days of titling for each animal adopted.

The incentive is available for animals at BLM facilities, off-site adoption events or the Online Corral.

The current wild horse and burro population on western rangelands is now more than triple the number the land can support along with other legally mandated uses, according to the news release.

That means the driver for the incentives, which appeared in the infamous BLM Report to Congress, is public-lands ranching.


If it was really about saving money or protecting the land, they’d leave the horses on the range and tell the ranchers to take a hike.

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