BLM Seeks Off-Range Corrals

Today BLM requested proposals for off-range holding facilities in western Nevada and southwestern Idaho that could accommodate 500 to 3,500 wild horses and burros.

The animals would be taken there (after removal from their home range) in preparation for transfer to off-range pastures or adoption and sale events around the county.

Bids will be accepted through April 9.

The current population of horses and burros on public lands in the western U.S. is three times higher than the number the land can sustainably support in balance with wildlife and other uses of the land (code words for privately owned livestock).

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PSA 01-01-20

Laramie County Commissioners Discuss CAFO!

The March 3 meeting was interrupted briefly after the February 18 minutes had been approved to shuffle roles in response to the resignation of the chair.

Although the high-density horse feeding operation proposed by Equine Elite was not on the agenda, it was discussed at the conclusion of regular business.  You can watch the proceedings beginning at 12:58 in this video.

Developers of the facility have asked the county for a rule change that will silence the voices of many who oppose the project.

The planning department has drafted a new rule based on an odor propagation model developed by the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

Commissioners asked for a public hearing on March 17 to formally consider the proposal and receive stakeholder comments.

A decision will not be rendered until April 7, at the earliest.

Minutes of the meeting have not been posted as of today.

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