Adoption Incentive and the IRS

On Day 2 of the WHBAB meeting in Boise (07/10/19), one of the Board members asked “If I were to take a couple of these horses, is that $2,000 taxable income?  Or how is it viewed by the IRS?”  Answer: “It is taxable.”

Other Income-1

Depending on your location, the state may want a piece of the action too.

Financial incentives shift the motivation from intrinsic to extrinsic: Do it for the money.

Then, when the reward goes away, so does the behavior.

Visiting the Black Hills Sanctuary

On the road in South Dakota with RVOnTheWayside.

Places like this can never be accepted as a solution to the wild horse ‘problem.’  Privately owned livestock, which far outnumber wild horses on public lands in the western U.S., belong on private land, not free roaming horses.

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