Freeze Marked Hats!

To raise funds, Mustangs Mend of Redmond, OR, a 501c3 nonprofit in that teaches participants to gentle wild mustangs and rehabilitate those that have been neglected and abused, has partnered with KR Northwest to make caps with wild horse freeze marks.


Price $30 each, includes shipping.  Mustangs Mend receives $10 from each purchase.

To order call 503-708-3849.  Credit cards accepted.  Use code Mustangs Mend.  For more information, send email to

Video by Mustang Girls.

Manufacturer to Pay $2.4 Million for Contaminated Feed

Western Milling of Goshen, CA has settled a lawsuit related to the deaths of 21 horses and injury of 28 others at Black Fence Farms of Clovis, CA in 2015.  The contaminant was an antibiotic that kills parasites and promotes weight gain in cattle and poultry but is toxic to horses.

Refer to this story in The Fresno Bee dated 10/29/18.  The company was also fined $726,000 by the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

Let’s Put More Mustangs in Hunter Jumper Barns

Regarding the remarks in this post (reprinted below), I hereby offer Exhibit A, an article about wild horse training that appeared yesterday in SLO Horse News.  You don’t need to read it, you only need to see the photo at the top of the page.


If you’re an experienced horseman, adopting a mustang is an opportunity to break with your past.

Learn no-metal horsemanship.  Understand the importance of communication, trust and relationships.  Be patient.  Avoid pain and confusion.  Consider that you may not need bits, spurs and tie-downs to control a horse.  They don’t know anything about that equipment, they only know what you teach them.