More Joys of Country Living

Crack in PVC adapter at check valve.  Leak stops when pump shuts off.  The corrugated plastic sheet deflects the spray away from electrical equipment.

Fortunately, the defect was upstream of the check valve.  If it was downstream, the system would continually lose pressure and the pump would be running frequently to refill the tanks.

Make sure your horses have enough water before attempting a repair!

Saddle-Started Horses Available at R3C Next Weekend

Ten to twelve inmate-trained horses will be offered for adoption September 15 at the Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center in Elk Grove, CA.  Refer to the BLM news release posted earlier today.  Bidding starts at $300.

Joe Misner, on the right in this photo from the 2018 Western States Horse Expo, coordinates the R3C wild horse training program.

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