Arrest in Florida Slaughter Case

A man who led a horse from its stall last December and killed it for its meat has been arrested and charged, according to a report posted yesterday by AP News.

In a 2018 interview on Fox News, Dave Duquette, spokesman for Protect the Harvest, a cheerleader group for the public-lands ranchers, said “There was one meat buyer…in the south of…in Florida…that said he had 2.3 million Hispanics down there that would eat it…every day if they could get it.”  That video has been scrubbed from YouTube.

Mullen Fire Moving East

Today’s InciWeb report states that the fire has spread slightly to the northeast and east over the last 24 hours, with containment holding at 14%.  The total area burned is now about 161,200 acres.

Winds out of the west and southwest are expected over the next 48 hours.

Western Horse Watchers is estimating the fire to be about five miles west of Deerwood Ranch and two miles to the south.  An email sent to the ranch earlier today has not been answered.  The location on the following map is a best guess.

Mullen Fire and Deerwood Ranch 10-07-20 A-1

The ranch is home to 350 wild horses, according to the BLM page for off-range pastures.

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New Off-Range Pastures

BLM announced today the availability of seven new off-range pastures for long-term holding of wild horses, with a combined capacity of 5,000 animals.  The facilities are located in Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Washington.

The announcement may be the result of a solicitation posted in March, 2019.

A solicitation in March, 2020 was for larger facilities in Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska, 1,000 to 10,000 animals each.

The government spends around two dollars per day to warehouse a wild horse on private pastures, compared to five dollars per day in an off-range corral.

The public-lands ranchers pay the government about four and a half cents per day for the food each horse consumed.

The difference is covered by taxpayers, also known as ‘redistribution of wealth.’