Rio Ro Mo Ranch to Become Wild Horse Sanctuary

The Wild Animal Sanctuary, a Colorado non-profit corporation, acquired the property for a wild horse refuge, according to a news release on PRN.

The refuge will house up to 500 wild horses taken from HMAs in Colorado.

The announcement did not indicate of the horses would be darted, sterilized and/or kept in segregated pastures.

The transaction represents a victory for the bureaucrats and ranchers.  Get the horses off the public lands and into private care, giving livestock unfettered access to their food.

The facility covers 18,650 deeded acres west of Craig, with an additional 3,500 acres in BLM leases and one 300-acre private lease, according to the agent’s listing.

The operator information report in RAS links the ranch to grazing authorizations 0504787 and 0504788.

The allotment information report ties the authorizations to three allotments.

The allotment master report provides management status, acreage and active AUMs.

The authorization use report shows livestock types and grazing seasons.

The news release did not say if the new owners would petition the BLM for changes in livestock types and seasons of use, as American Prairie did in Montana.  Such changes would likely have the ranching community crying foul, as it did with American Prairie.

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