Feeling Betrayed?

For years the advocates have been telling you about their safe, proven and reversible fertility control programs, how they’re changing the way wild horse herds are managed and how they’re protecting wild horses from removal by getting rid of them with PZP.

They say they’re trying to slow population growth, but they’re actually trying to reverse it, by snuffing out new life and letting the older horses die off.

Now you’re realizing that they’ve been darting the mares with an EPA-registered pesticide, not a vaccine as they claim, that destroys their ovaries in four to five years.

Moreover, the EPA specifies rules and restrictions for its use, and they rank among the greatest offenders.

They probably haven’t been designated as agents of state and federal governments, which the EPA requires.

They don’t use EPA-mandated PPE when applying the product, as seen at 7:15, 7:50 and 9:10 in this video by the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses, a leader in the wild horse removal industry.

They’re using the product for pest control in areas identified for animal agriculture, a purpose for which it was not registered.

These are violations of federal law.

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Calling it a Vaccine 05-01-23

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