Eagle Roundup Day 13

Cumulative totals through 01-28-20, per the BLM roundup page for the Eagle Complex:

  • 855 animals gathered
  • 12 deaths (1.4%)
  • 379 studs (44.5%)
  • 472 mares (55.5%)
  • 4 new foals (2019 foals counted as adults)

The proportions of studs and mares are still outside of statistical limits corresponding to 50% males / 50% females (n = 851, p-bar = .50).  Is the contractor targeting family bands, whose mares are now heavily pregnant?

The thriving ecological balance is now only 745 wild horses away (1,700 horses to be gathered − 100 to be returned − 855).

PSA 01-01-20

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Wild Horses, Rangeland Ecology

Lecture by David Toledo, rangeland management specialist with the USDA, on March 12, 2019, sponsored by the State Historical Society of North Dakota et al.

You can’t have a conversation about wild horses without having a conversation about public-lands ranching, and you can’t have a discussion about the horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park without having a discussion about Sitting Bull, the Marquis de Mores and Leo Kuntz.

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