How to Estimate the Carrying Capacity of HMAs

The method has been demonstrated numerous times on these pages:

  • Identify the allotments that intersect the HMA
  • Determine the forage assigned to livestock inside the HMA
  • Convert that amount to wild horses
  • Add the result to the current AML

The third step yields the number of animals displaced from the HMA by permitted grazing—adopted, sold or shipped to long-term holding.

The final value is the True AML, the number of animals the area could support if it was managed principally for wild horses, as specified in the original statute.

Today’s news release by the BLM regarding the FY 2023 budget suggested that AMLs represent carrying capacities, which they do not, except for four HMAs where permitted grazing does not occur.

The advocates don’t want you looking at the numbers because the rationale for their darting programs would fall to the ground.

You don’t ask a poor man how to get rich and you don’t ask the advocates how to save wild horses.

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Land Can Only Support 04-21-21

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