White House Seeks $153 Million for WHB Program in FY 2023

The expenditure would be part of a $1.6 billion budget for the BLM according to today’s news release.

The amount requested for the program next year exceeds the amount authorized this year by 11.7%.

The fiscal year begins on October 1.

The announcement said the current population of 86,000 animals is more than three times greater than the carrying capacity of BLM-managed lands, which is false.

The current population is three times more than allowed by plan.

Consider this metaphor: Wild horses can use one bedroom but they’re currently using three.  It’s a six bedroom home but they didn’t tell you that part.

The other five bedrooms are reserved for privately owned livestock, the illegal aliens of America’s public lands.

RELATED: BLM to Receive $137.1 Million in FY 2022 for WHB Program.

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