‘Perseverance’ Finds No Pinyon Pines or Juniper Trees

Clear-cutting will not be needed in the Designated Area, according to the Bureau of Livestock on Mars, allowing the project to move to the next step, which is seeding.

The rover has identified some water sources but more will be needed.  With most of the grazing fees plowed back into the program for range improvements, the goal should easy to achieve.

Perseverance Finds No Trees 03-03-21

“Although pinyons and junipers crowd out some forage,” said one rancher, “what we really want is access to areas previously off limits.”  He added that “Seeding boosts forage availability and stocking rates much more effectively than clear cutting.”

“Those fuels reduction programs are bogus,” said another.

As for the RMP, the ranchers want at least 95% of the resources assigned to livestock, with the balance reserved for wildlife, especially big game.

“The WHB Act should be restricted to Earth,” said one of the wranglers.  “Margins are paper thin up here and we can’t afford any losses to wild horses.”

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