How Many Wild Horses Can the North Lander Complex Support?

Reports for the four HMAs are listed here for reference:

Data were sourced from the Draft EA for resource enforcement actions in the Complex.

North Lander Complex Map 01-21-22

Figures from the reports are summarized as follows:

North Lander HMA Calcs 01-27-22

An estimated 4,108 wild horses have been denied a place on their home range by permitted grazing.  The True AML, the number of animals the Complex could support if it was managed principally for wild horses, is 4,644.

The current population is well within this range.

The combined AML represents 11.5% of the authorized forage, neglecting wildlife.

The 4,108 horses displaced from the Complex account for 8.2% of the 50,000 animals in off-range holding.

How do you convince the American people that the Complex is overpopulated with 1,664 wild horses, and that the herd must be drastically reduced, when you authorize privately owned livestock equivalent to 4,108 horses in the same area, on top of the 536 allowed by plan?

The same way you sell umbrellas in the desert.

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