Thriving Ecological Imbalance at Dishpan Butte HMA

At the upper end of the AML, the 100 horses allowed plan receive 8% of the authorized forage, neglecting wildlife, as noted earlier today.

At the low end of the AML, the 50 horses allowed by plan receive 4% of the authorized forage, sometimes referred to as ‘their food.’  The remainder goes to privately owned livestock.  This is the goal of the North Lander resource enforcement plan.

The BLM says the HMA is overpopulated with 270 wild horses, while it authorizes privately owned livestock equivalent to 1,133 wild horses in the same area, on top of the 100 horses allowed by plan.

Without changes to the resource management plan(s), a herd management area plan (HMAP) could only ratify and reinforce the lopsided forage allocations that benefit ranching interests at the expense of our wild horses.

Thriving Ecological Balance-3

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