These organizations are working on a overhaul of the statutes, regulations and RMPs that determine how public lands are managed.

*** NONE FOUND ***

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These organizations want horses and burros taken off the range with the Montana Solution, not helicopters.

Management practices that drive the removals are of no concern.

They have nothing useful to offer the animals, only continuation of their misery.

American Horse Protection Society

American Wild Horse Campaign (Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses)

Animal Welfare Institute

Animal Wellness Action

Center for a Humane Economy

Corolla Wild Horse Fund

Friends of a Legacy

Friends of the Mustangs

High Desert Strategies

Humane Society of the United States

In Defense of Animals (In Defense of Livestock)

Piceance Mustangs

Pine Nut Wild Horse Advocates

Return to Freedom (Return to Normal – Before WHB Act)

Salt River Wild Horse Management Group (Salt River Wild Horse Darting Group)

Sand Wash Advocate Team

The Cloud Foundation (The Clouded Mind Foundation)

Veterans for Mustangs

Wild Beauty Foundation

Wild Horse Connection

Wild Horse Education (Wild Horse Eradication)

Wild Horses of America Foundation

Wyoming Wild Horse Improvement Partnership

Saving Wild Horses 06-18-22

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