Devil’s Garden Horses Face Third Adoption Event

Fourteen former wild horses, younger than ten years of age, will be offered for adoption April 8 – 12 at the Double Devil Corrals, according to a report dated March 27 by the Herald and News of Klamath Falls, OR.

Presumably, the $1,000 incentive applies but was not mentioned in the story.  Most of the horses unloaded so far have exited via ‘sale with limitations.’

These animals were forced off their home range—public lands set aside for them—to make way for privately owned livestock.

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Inmates Turn BLM Wild Horses Into Pets?

They are companion animals but calling them ‘pets’ may be a bit misleading, especially after just 120 days of training.

Nevertheless, inmates at the Northern Nevada Correctional Center do give them a good foundation, which makes them more attractive to adopters.

Refer to this article, posted today by the Las Vegas Sun for details.

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BLM to Host Adoption Event for Little Bookcliffs Horses

A field office manager, quoted in today’s news release about the upcoming event in Fruita, CO, said the agency wants to see these animals find good homes.

The event will include a training demonstration on the first day.  The adoption fee has been lowered to $25 and the $1,000 incentive applies.

The best home for these animals, of course, is the range from which they were pushed, which is the last place these people want to see them.

That is the meaning of ‘healthy horses on healthy rangelands.’  Kick most of them out so their food can be sold to public-lands ranchers.

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