Multiple Use Applies to Public Lands, Not Registered Pesticides

The Environmental Protection Agency registers pesticides and their use on specific pests and under specific circumstances.

For example, a pesticide registered for use on apples may not be used legally on grapes, and an insecticide registered for outdoor use may not legally be used inside a building.

The advocates use Zonastat-H (the Montana Solution) to control pests (horses and burros) that interfere with animal agriculture (permitted grazing), a purpose for which the pesticide was not registered.

Some groups may not have Delegations of Authority or other such documents naming them as designated agents of state and federal governments, a violation of federal law.

Most the areas identified for horses and burros, shown in black on the following map, intersect or abut one or more allotments, shown in green, an indication of the potential for unlawful activity on America’s public lands.  Click on image to open in new tab.

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Pesticides and Multiple Use 05-06-23

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