Advocates Authorized to Apply Montana Solution?

The EPA limits the application of PZP to the DOI and its designated agents, state departments of agriculture and wildlife and their designated agents, federally recognized Indian tribes and their designated agents, Department of Defense and its designated agents, public and private wild horse sanctuaries and reserves, Humane Society of the United States designated agents, and the USDA and its designated agents.

Go to Section 5 in the pesticide fact sheet.

The advocates can get diplomas from the Billings School of PZP Darting and Public Deception but have you ever seen Delegations of Authority from the BLM or Forest Service naming them as their designated agents?

On the Virginia Range, the Nevada Department of Agriculture would grant the DOA.

What about the ponies on the barrier islands?

Ask for copies.

The advocates may be easier to contact than the bureaucrats.

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