Stop the Roundups, Fertility Control is Better!

Todd Gloria, a member of the California State Assembly, has written a letter to the USFS demanding an end to the Devils’s Garden wild horse gather, according to a report that appeared yesterday in East County Magazine.  It was signed by 22 of his legislative colleagues (most of whom are liberals).

Links in the story point to the site of an ‘advocacy’ group known for its unwavering support of fertility control for horses.  To see how that method stacks up against other herd management practices, take this quiz.  Match a technique on the left with a result on the right.  Take as much time as you need.


If your answers look like this, you are correct!


Another advantage of these techniques is that they they align with the overpopulation narrative and leave more forage on western rangelands for livestock.

If you think wild horse advocates should be pushing for changes that work to the benefit of the horses, you’re in the minority.  Refer to the list in this post for some ideas.

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BLM Thinks Spruce-Pequop Massacre was Humane

Refer to this report, posted tonight by Las Vegas Now.  BLM said the horses were in such poor condition that life-ending actions were justified.  A photo was provided to support their position.

This is not a problem of humane methods of euthanasia.  Rescues take in horses like that all the time.  It’s a problem of enmity toward wild horses.  Eight of them were executed summarily by the agency entrusted with their care.

The report says all documents related to the case have been formally requested, which probably means FOIA.

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Spruce-Pequop Gather: Absence of the Story is the Story

Still no coverage of the wild horse massacre by national news outlets.  The original story can now be seen in this FB video.

Questions that have not been answered:

  • Are guns a common tool for euthanizing animals on BLM lands?
  • Is shooting wild horses in the abdomen a standard practice for the BLM?
  • Is that what they do to horses that are blind or have other physical defects?
  • Were the shots fired from the ground or from the air?
  • What were the body condition scores of the horses that were killed?
  • Why were the eight deaths omitted from the gather reports?
  • Who was present when the incident occurred?
  • Who pulled the trigger(s)?
  • Has an investigation started?

The original report by Las Vegas Now can be found here.  GET.  THE.  WORD.  OUT.

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Livestock on BLM Lands

Refer to this post dated 10/09/18 at The Daily Pitchfork for livestock grazing on lands managed by the BLM.  Grazing receipts from 2002 to 2018 were used to estimate the number of livestock on western rangelands vis-à-vis wild horses and burros.

The report did not indicate how many livestock were on lands set aside for WHB so comparisons of cattle and sheep to horses and burros may not be valid because they don’t have the same land-basis.

If all of the animals were found inside the 27 million acres managed for WHB, then yes, you could say that cattle and sheep vastly outnumber horses and burros.