FOAL Goes Public with McCullough Comments

There are no remarks about livestock, grazing, forage allocations and management priorities in their response to the scoping letter, appearing in today’s edition of the Powell Tribune.

The group provides darting services to the BLM, beating down the horse population while leaving most of their food for the public-lands ranchers.

Perhaps we should refer to them as Friends of Authorized Livestock.

Of interest is their take on sterility and sex ratio skewing.

GonaCon causes sterility, not in females but in males.  How did they come up with that?

Mares that respond to the Montana Solution live longer, according to their statement, meaning that females will outnumber males, if they don’t already, and the sex ratio will be skewed in favor of females.

The pattern has been evident at Assateague Island for many years, a documented side-effect of PZP that the advocates deny.

They don’t talk much about sterility either, referring to such mares as self-boosting.

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HJR3 Clears Wyoming House

The resolution passed yesterday with nobody speaking against it, according to a report by Cowboy State Daily.

The vote count was not given.

Public-lands ranchers enjoy broad support in the state, not just from the legislature and CSD, but from the agency charged with protection of the horses.  For example, livestock in the Rock Springs HMAs, subject of the Rock Springs RMP Amendments, receive an estimated 88% of the authorized forage.

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New Mexico Lawmakers Tackle Wild Horse Problem?

A bill introduced last week would amend Chapter 77 of the New Mexico statutes to allow free-roaming horse experts to control the population of free-roaming horses and allow the state livestock board to make rules regarding the qualifications of said experts.

Western Horse Watchers has been unable to find a news report covering the legislation.

An individual may be eligible if he or she has (1) expertise in conducting free-roaming horse herd surveys, (2) an understanding of land carrying capacity analyses, land status and property ownership, and (3) an understanding of free-roaming horse habitat, biology, behavior and management strategies, according to Section 2 of the measure.

A diploma from the Billings School of PZP Darting and Public Deception was not included in the requirements.

Failure to understand forage production, carrying capacity and resource management will rule out most advocates anyway.

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Management Paradigm Shifting at Sand Wash Basin?

A BLM news release dated February 6 comes on the heels of a story last week by the Craig Press about Sand Wash Basin.

The agency will invest $625,000 to better manage the wild horse population through increased fertility control and small-scale gathers.

Fixed trap sites will become part of the landscape, a constant reminder that horses are not a priority in the HMA.

Contrary to the announcement, the AML of 363 represents the number of horses allowed by plan, not the carrying capacity of the land.

The carrying capacity is always higher, sometimes much higher, when resources assigned to privately owned livestock are shifted back to the horses.

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Conflicting Priorities at TRNP?

A letter to INFORUM about the new management plan says the herd should be large enough to have a healthy breeding population but reproduction should be limited with PZP, not GonaCon.

If the mares can’t bear fruit, why are you worried about herd size?

If you poison them with the pesticide, as the advocates are doing on the Virginia Range, the population will need to be larger than 150.

As for other national parks where you can find wild horses, don’t forget Cumberland Island and the Ozark National Scenic Riverways.

Sadly, the herd on the Maryland side of Assateague Island, mentioned in the letter, has been ruined by a safe, proven and reversible darting program.

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McCullough Comments Sail Past 3,500

Go to ePlanning for the latest results.  The numbers change minute by minute.

The SOWH call to action tells you to oppose GonaCon, which may act as a sterilant.

You should also oppose sex ratio skewing.

Both results can be achieved with the Montana Solution.

Mares darted with PZP become sterile in four to five years.  The advocates refer to them as self-boosting.

The pesticide skews sex ratios in favor of females, evident at Assateague Island.

These patterns likely exist in other areas but the advocates are tight-lipped.

Changes that would benefit the horses are outside the scope of the project.

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Press Briefing for Virginia Range Horse Program?

The article last week by Nevada Current apparently originated with an online news conference hosted by the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses.  A snippet of the presentation was included in a report by KRNV News of Reno.

Was it by invitation only?  Preference was given to news outlets that would only tell one side of the story and not challenge their authority?

The event was billed as a press briefing on the Virginia Range horse program, not the Virginia Range darting program, where the advocates are systematically eliminating the herd, not with helicopters or traps, but with a restricted-use pesticide.

CAAWH Systematic Elimination 02-05-23

Kris Thompson, Project Manager for the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center, who can’t see any adverse effects, applauded the effort: “You can tell by the way they walk their bellies, their hunches are muscular and full.  The ears are alert, and it’s just easy to see it’s been a real success.”

Indeed.  Destruction of the ovaries, which begins with the first injection and proceeds to sterility in four to five years, is not apparent from the outside, as noted in the January 13 edition of Foal-Free Friday.

Tracy “You need to manage the numbers to fit what’s available for the horses” Wilson said the horses are living creatures and they age out, according to a report by the Las Vegas Sun, meaning that the herd is dying off, as planned.

Suzanne Roy, monster-in-charge at CAAWH and one of the panelists, indicated that fertility control stabilizes and gradually decreases the population humanely, admitting that her goal is herd reduction, not slower growth rates, consistent with the ranching agenda and the subject of last week’s episode of Foal-Free Friday.

Neither Roy nor Wilson could convert an AML to AUMs if their lives depended on it, much less compute a forage allocation for livestock in an area set aside for wild horses.

At 300,000 acres, the Virginia Range is twice the size of your average HMA and was carrying at least ten wild horses per thousand acres before the advocates got involved.

The bureaucrats and ranchers insist that public lands in the western U.S. can only sustain one wild horse per thousand acres (27,000 animals on 27 million acres), so they want this outlier erased.

The advocates, desperate for their approval, are eager to comply.

As always, they want your financial support but not your informed opinion.

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Standing Up for Wild Horses on Virginia Range 06-18-22

McCullough Comments Top 3,000

The groundhog’s prediction was fulfilled in just two days.

“No to GonaCon.”

“No to IUDs.”

“No to bait traps.”

“No to managing the HMA principally for wild horses,” a result that cannot be achieved through a gather decision.

“Yes to PZP.”

The advocates have tricked their followers into protecting the public-lands ranchers, not wild horses.

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McCullough Comments Top 3000 02-04-23

Salt River Advocates Bawling about Loss of Mirabelle?

She was killed by a mountain lion according to the video description.

Don’t be misled as they feign sorrow for the incident.  They are counting on predators to take out any foals that slip though the darting program!  The same thing is happening on the Virginia Range.

In Memory of Mirabelle 02-04-23

Like other advocates, they are ruthless in achieving their herd reduction goals, given to them by the bureaucrats.  They are hired guns.

The effort is part of a much larger plan, coordinated by the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses and carried out by its army of volunteers, to win the approval of the bureaucrats and ranchers and subdue the herds in favor of privately owned livestock.

Don’t give them a penny!

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How to Decipher Articles about Wild Horses

A story about Sand Wash Basin by the Craig Press reads like it’s based on a BLM press release, blog post or news conference, but the source was not disclosed.

Here are some tips for interpreting the article, starting at the top.

Majestic wild horses – Pests, an indication that you’re about to be deceived.

Landscape is out-of-balance – The horses are robbing forage from the public-lands ranchers.

Investing the funding necessary – Pissing away your hard-earned tax dollars on useless endeavors.

Public land users – Livestock operators.

That’s just the first paragraph.

Sage-grouse numbers are lower in areas with wild horses than in adjacent areas – Areas with horses are also grazed by livestock but you’re not supposed to know that.

Sand Wash Allotments 02-04-23

Gather of horses – Roundup.

Horse populations have climbed above this carrying capacity – There are more horses than allowed by plan, not more horses than the land can support.  AMLs are small relative to the available resources because most of them have been assigned to ranchers.

End of second paragraph.

Gather enough wild horses this year to get us back on track – Ensure that ranchers receive most of the authorized forage.

Beautiful horses – Pests.

World-renowned herd – Pests.

Landscape under stress due to drought exacerbated by climate change – A temporary change in the weather unrelated to human activity.

End of third paragraph.

Thriving and sustainable wild horse herds – Livestock receive most of the authorized forage.

Healthy herds on healthy public lands – Livestock receive most of the authorized forage.

This investment will help the BLM restore Sand Wash Basin for the public, for wild horses, and for greater sage-grouse and other wildlife species – Livestock receive most of the authorized forage in an area set aside for wild horses.

You can have your wild horse and burro program as long as it doesn’t interfere with the grazing program.

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Thriving Ecological Balance-3

TRNP Comment Period Closes, Discussions Continue

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum and Senator John Hoeven shared their concerns with park officials in a phone call yesterday, according to a story by The Bismarck Tribune, with an emphasis on collaboration between state and federal agencies.

Comments on the scoping newsletter were accepted through January 31.

The next step in the project is to draft an environmental assessment for public review.

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SOWH Call to Action Promotes McCullough Darting Program

A “How To” provided by Save Our Wild Horses begins with some information about livestock grazing and forage allocations, including an unsubstantiated remark about the number of horses the HMA can actually sustain (wonder where they got that from), then goes off the rails by defending the safe, proven and reversible fertility control program, claiming that PZP is not a pesticide, does not sterilize and has no effect on sex ratios!

Did you know that some advocates are vegans, not necessarily at SOWH, as they don’t agree with the slaughter of animals for human consumption, yet they have no problem with the killing of pigs to support their PZP habit?

The group sponsored a conference in Washington last year, where attendees had smoke blown up their butts for several days about HMAPs, which must conform to RMPs and are therefore of no use to America’s wild horses.

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PZP Dangers 10-21-22

Foal-Free Friday, Throwing in with Your Adversaries Edition

One of the most astonishing developments in the wild horse world is the enthusiasm among the advocates for the Montana Solution, not for population control but for population reduction, evident in the outpouring of support for the darting program at McCullough Peaks.

That they would beat down population in the lawful home of wild horses, so livestock can access most of their food, speaks volumes about their intentions and loyalties.

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Working Together for a Horse-Free Future 12-21-22

Groundhog Predicts Another 500 McCullough Comments

He saw his shadow this morning, according to a report by AP News, meaning six more days of babble from the advocates, including today.

You have to give them credit though, they really fired up their base for this one.

The total passed 2,500 today and continues to climb.

Go to ePlanning for the latest results.

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McCullough Comments Top 2500 02-02-23

Advocates Have New Playbook for Wild Horse Management?

Since 2019 they’ve been stalking the mares across 300,000 acres in western Nevada and destroying their ovaries with a restricted-use pesticide.

Next year they’ll refer the animals as self-boosting, a code word for sterile.

Their goal is to win the approval of the bureaucrats and ranchers and spread the destruction over a much larger area, moving them into the upper echelon of the wild horse removal industry.

That’s how they protect wild horses.

But you won’t see any of that in this article about the Virginia Range darting program.

The story said that advocates with the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses announced yesterday that their four-year long fertility control effort is reducing births and could set a new model for managing wild herds but did not say where or how the announcement was made.

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Standing Up for Wild Horses on Virginia Range 06-18-22

Veterans Against Mustangs Act Reintroduced in House

The advocates never stop.

Now they’re praising HR 726, legislation that would protect wild horses and burros on federal lands, reduce or eliminate the need for inhumane helicopter roundups, and provide jobs and avenues for healing American veterans with Post Traumatic Stress and other disorders resulting from combat, according to a news release on EIN by Animal Wellness Action.

This would be accomplished by stalking the mares and jennies in their lawful homes and destroying their ovaries with a restricted-use pesticide.

Protect Wild Horses from Advocates 08-29-21

The advocates refer to the product as a vaccine, available from the Billings School of PZP Darting and Public Deception.

Other benefits:

  • Barren mares
  • Confused stallions
  • Increasing death rates
  • Shrinking herds
  • Injuries and infections
  • Abnormal sex ratios
  • Massive human involvement
  • Disruption of natural order
  • Loss of genetic diversity
  • Sterility
  • Subordination to livestock

As for the full range of wild behaviors in a natural setting, forget it.

Western Horse Watchers proposes that Cameron Ring and his mercenaries be officially designated as the Dartmoor Brigade.

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