Who’s Killing the Clark Mountain Burros?

BLM said today that rewards amounting to $18,500 have been offered for information leading to the arrest of the person(s) responsible for the deaths of over 40 wild burros in the Mojave Desert near the CA-NV border.  The shootings have occurred along the I-15 corridor between Halloran Springs, CA and Primm, NV, according to the news release.

The Clark Mountain Herd Area is on the north side of the interstate, has no AML, and is not managed for wild burros.  See page eight in the California HMA maps.

Curiously, the advocacy groups who supplemented the BLM reward are upset with the situation, yet they all want fewer wild horses and burros on western rangelands, either through application of contraceptives or outright removal.  Shame on them.

NDA Signs Another Cooperative Agreement with Non-Profit

A report posted today by Carson Now says the Nevada Department of Agriculture has joined forces with Wild Horse Connection of Reno to manage the free-roaming horses of the Virginia Range.

Accordingly, WHC will respond to citizen concerns regarding public safety, including wild horse removal and adoption, diversionary feeding and installation of fencing.

The agreement follows one signed earlier this year for fertility control (PZP darting).