Forest Service Says ‘Hands Off’ at Heber WHT

The Forest Service asks anyone who discovers a dead horse at the Heber WHT to report it to the Black Mesa Ranger District, according to a report posted today by the Eastern Arizona Courier, but do not disturb the scene in any way.  A news release dated 04/16/19 said evidence collected by the public may be unusable in the investigation.

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A Place for Excess Horses Off the Beaty Butte Allotment

You jackals!  How many of them did you reject because they wouldn’t comply with your thirty day timeframe?

The only thing these horses did ‘wrong’ was to rob too much forage from your livestock.

Note the reference at 0:12 to the ‘Beaty Butte Allotment,’ not the Beatys Butte HMA.

These people have never accepted the WHB Act and never will.

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