Thunder Mountain Fundraiser Set for August 10 – 11

An open house and BBQ will be held at Giddy Up Horse Ranch in Bend, OR, on 08/11/18 so interested persons can see the foals saved from slaughter by the Yakima Orphan Foal Network, also known as Thunder Mountain Farms Equine Rescue.

See this announcement at Visit Bend, a public relations site created by the Bend City Council.

These foals are coming from the Yakama Indian slaughter pipeline in Washington state, where slaughter-bound horses are hauled off in trucks marked ‘666.’  There are some sick minds in that industry.

Fish Springs Roundup Set for First Week of August

The Pine Nut gather will occur in November, according to a report dated 07/21/18 by KOLO-TV in Reno, NV.

Over half the area where horses were found in 1971 (when the WHB Act became law) has been designated a herd area (red border in the map below), which has no AML and is not managed for WHB, due to inadequate food and water.  However, it does have sufficient resources for other animals, such as, ahem, cough-cough, cattle and sheep.


These roundups, especially on herd areas, aren’t about saving money or protecting an endangered species.  They’re a payoff to the beef lobby and the crybabies they represent.

One way to put an end to this crap would be to raise the grazing fee from the current $1.41 per AUM to $25 per AUM, in line with grazing costs on private land.  The government serfs would be loading their cattle back on 18-wheelers faster than you can say Slaughterhouse Sue.

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Horses and Burros Go ‘Off the Reservation’

Homeowners in Pahrump, NV, are tired of cleaning up the mess from wild horses and burros.  See the report published yesterday in the Pahrump Valley Times.

They’re looking for water and have found it near lawns and gardens.  See this post for another example on the Virginia Range.

Just a friendly reminder that if you’re buying property in Nevada and don’t want to have this problem, put some money in the budget for a fence, especially if you’re moving to an area surrounded by HMAs and WHTs.


Another option is to buy acreage in a rural area and let the poop fall where it may.