Carrots and Apples Kill Horses?

An advocacy group near Corolla, NC recently installed a billboard reminding tourists not to feed the horses that roam the area.  It’s part of a campaign to educate visitors about the dangers of human interaction with the wild herd.

Yes, wild horses should eat food from their natural habitat, such as beach grass, but carrots and apples are not going to kill them.

The problem is hand feeding, not apples and carrots.  Bananas and fig newtons, not covered by the initiative, should be offered instead?

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Punished with a Baby

Speaks volumes.  How many of the PZP zealots agree with this guy?  How many voted for him?

A woman, commenting on the FB page of a wild horse ‘advocacy’ group in Nevada, said this about PZP darting of mares in May, 2018: “Hey, look at it this way, they get more sex without the consequences!”  You’d be hard-pressed to find a better example of the sexual perversion and moral depravity that have overtaken the country.