Solving Problems That Don’t Exist

What do you get when local ranchers join forces with the BLM to fix the ‘wild horse problem’ on Beatys Butte HMA?  The Beaty Butte Wild Horse Training Facility.

Next, add a trainer with experience in the horse racing industry.  Throw in bits and shoes for good measure and you’ve got utopia, everything those mustangs dreamed of while on the range.

Finally, justify all of it by ‘the growing list of uses’ of the HMA.

Like the Wild Spayed Filly Futurity, it has its share of clapping seals.

The upper value of the AML yields a stocking rate of 1748 acres per horse (roughly 0.6 horses per thousand acres), almost nothing.

But horses will be gathered annually and fertility control will be applied.

The program started with a 100% gather in 2015, followed by selective return.

The first annual adoption will be held April 13-14 2018 in Adel, OR.

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