Hypothesis Confirmed

A BLM report from last August shows 46,492 wild horses and 1,359 wild burros in off-range holding.

These animals require 46,492 × 12 + (1,359 ÷ 2) × 12 = 566,058 AUMs per year.

The original claim was that the number of wild horses and burros in short-term and long-term holding can be explained by the misappropriation of forage on just a few dozen HMAs.

Data from the ‘Short End of Stick’ reports, representing about three dozen HMAs, are summarized below.

The forage diverted to livestock, 630,497 AUMs per year, could easily support all of the animals in off-range holding, equivalent to 52,541 horses, for a True AML of 62,582.

What would the True AML look like if this analysis was carried out on all of the HMAs and WHTs?  Only four of them are managed principally for wild horses and burros.

Hypothesis Confirmed 03-20-21

The WHB program is nothing more than a grazing program ancillary, designed to give ranchers unfettered access to cheap feed on America’s public lands.

How many of these animals could be returned to their home range if drilling and mining were stopped?  A few dozen?

This one of the reasons why fertility control programs are wrong and the ‘advocacy’ groups that promote them should be avoided.  They shift resources to the ranchers by getting rid of the horses.

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3 thoughts on “Hypothesis Confirmed

  1. This is so true! There is such shameless deception going on and it is very disturbing how people claiming to be wild horse advocates are falling for this and giving up on fighting to restore the herds to truly viable levels in truly viable commensurate habitats.

  2. We stand not with the BLM current plan
    Sadly we are in the east coast Fl
    So I only end of with the after round ups and dumped into non-qualified home or sold by sale authority
    Involved 31 yrs and only see the original plan to protect and provide humane treatment of wild horses decline with corruption and deceit

  3. I completely agree. I don’t like the fertility programs because they seem reckless. The wounds they cause (that I have seen) are brutal and the numbers they claim (one foal) doesn’t make sense to me. More research needs to be done.

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