Grazing Program Ancillaries

What do they have in common?  They work together to give ranchers unfettered access to cheap feed on America’s public lands.

You don’t have a horse problem on western rangelands, you have a ranching problem, and it is huge.

Grazing Program Ancillaries B-1

4 thoughts on “Grazing Program Ancillaries

  1. The livestock does NOT belong on public lands. They are the ones destroying the land and water holes.. Livestock belong on private farms or ranches not in our forest and public lands.. Save America’s Wild Horses and Burros and other wildlife that suffer because of all the livestock being allowed to graze when there is limited amounts to even feed the wildlife.. Stop this madness..

  2. You are wrong! Wild horses are wanted by the majority of Americans to be left on THEIR and the Public’s land! Ranchers should keep their cows on their owned land. Stop the crazy leases! They’re such a joke. Ranchers pay nothing to use the public’s land and then want to kill or remove the animals from public land. Horses, wolves, prairie dogs, when will it stop? Damn the ranchers!

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