Mustang Monument To Reopen This Weekend

The eco-resort owned by Madeleine Pickens in eastern Nevada will reopen on June 1, according to a story published today by The Telegram, a British news outlet.

The BLM grazing allotment attached to the Spruce Ranch, which she owns, was the site of a wild horse shooting last year.  Like the Heber wild horse shootings, no arrests have been made in the case.

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Wild Horse Hatefest Opens in Reno

It’s a reunion of miscreants and malcontents in the wild horse world, many of them signatories to—or cheerleaders of—the wild horse management plan announced on 04/22/19: public-lands ranchers, beef producers and their allies in government.

How many advocacy groups were invited?  You know, the ones who actually care about the horses?

Probably none.  (Many of them are fraudulent anyway, preferring to see wild horse numbers decline through application of contraceptives.)

So of course you’ll hear the conference billed as a success, a win-win, with so much common ground, when in reality it’s a cesspit of greed and deceit sponsored by the cattlemen and their overlords.

Group Criticizes Forest Service for Response to Heber Shootings

A representative of the Heber Wild Horses Freedom Preservation Alliance said yesterday in a letter to the White Mountain Independent that the investigative process was “slow and lackadaisical,” noting that in the latest incident, documented by a photographer, the Forest Service never even bothered to go out to the scene to interview the witness or suspect.

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