Should Federally Owned Lands Be Privatized?

The acting director of the BLM, William Perry Pendley, has been attacked in recent months for his beliefs about wild horses and federal ownership of public lands.

We don’t know what he and other Trump administration officials have been told about America’s wild horses and burros but his remarks don’t appear to be reasonable on the basis of the available evidence.

However, we can be fairly sure that those opposing his agenda are mostly liberals who believe that everything should be controlled by an all-powerful centralized government, which they, of course, would run.

So before you dismiss the idea of selling off [some] public lands, imagine for a few minutes how it could benefit our wild horses and burros.

  • Wild horses and burros would be authorized on all the lands where they were found when the WHB Act was signed into law
  • Additional lands beyond the Herd Areas would be designated as buffer zones, fully accessible to horses and burros
  • The buffer zones would contain enough acreage to offset current and future losses of forage attributable to petroleum exploration, mining, timber production and recreational activities, as well as the return of all horses and burros now held in off-range corrals and long-term pastures
  • Livestock grazing would be prohibited on these lands
  • The WHB Act would be restored to its original form
  • The needs of horses and burros would be balanced with those of wildlife, per the original statute, especially endangered species
  • Ranchers could bid on lands not designated for WHB or any other purpose deemed to be of national or local interest
  • Ranchers would pay taxes on their parcels (like everybody else) and bear the full cost of operating and maintaining them
  • No more federal payments for rangeland improvements (currently $10 million per year) because the grazing program no longer exists
  • Ranchers would be exposed to market forces and their fate would be placed in the hands of American consumers
  • Horses and burros that stray onto private lands would be returned to their home ranges, not placed in off-range corrals, pastures, sanctuaries or preserves
  • Local advocacy groups would be allowed to construct and maintain various improvements that benefit the horses and burros

The last step would be to reorganize or close the government bureaucracies associated with public-lands ranching and amend the statutes as needed.

PSA 12-24-19

Solar Farm Coming to Public Lands in Southern Nevada

KTLA News reported yesterday that the final environmental impact statement for the proposed Gemini project has been released for public review.

The facility will produce 690 megawatts (for a few hours on either side of mid day) and will require 7,100 acres.  It will be situated on the south side of I-15, between the Moapa Indian Reservation and the Muddy Mountains, home to a small herd of wild burros.

The BLM news release appeared on Monday.  Project documentation can be found here.

The map does not show any battery storage buildings, which are in the scope, according to the report.

The project means only one thing for Nevada ratepayers: Their electric bills will be going up, all in the name of climate change, a hoax if ever there was one.

A conventional gas-fired combined-cycle power plant, needed for backup (because, you know, night) would require less than 100 acres and would produce power that’s clean, dependable and affordable, 24/7, rain or shine.

If the lights flicker next time you’re in Las Vegas, it might be the burros chewing on the solar panels, for they, unlike the investors, can spot a boondoggle miles away.

Price of Water Going Up

Off the Range

What do these things have in common?

  • Overpopulation narrative
  • Plans based on false premises (such as the Path Forward)
  • Roundups
  • Fertility control
  • Chemical sterilization (extended use of contraceptives)
  • Surgical sterilization
  • Sex ratio skewing
  • Sale without limitations
  • Adoption events
  • Adoption incentives
  • Trainer Incentive Program
  • Extreme Mustang Makeover
  • Inmate training programs
  • Sanctuaries and preserves
  • New off-range corrals and pastures

They all convey the same message: OFF THE RANGE.  Get wild horses and burros off public lands (so they can be replaced by privately owned cattle and sheep).

Many of these ideas are accepted and promoted by the so-called advocacy groups and government agencies charged with the care of these animals.

The truth will set you free, but first, as Rick Gore says, it will piss you off…because you’ve been on the wrong side of the debate.

Why not let 2020 be the year that you started pushing back against the lies and did something for America’s horses not to America’s horses?

Conflict and division will always exist because evil always tries to subdue the good.

Those who ask “Why can’t we all just get along?” are already whipped.


AWHC Reviews 2019 Results

What exactly have they done to push back against the public-lands ranchers?

Not a damn thing.

Yet they’re doing everything they can to destroy the Virginia Range mustangs—the herd that defies the wild horse narrative and contradicts the lies of the BLM.

Velma would be shocked.

The organization is so far gone that it can only be salvaged by a complete change of leadership.  Don’t give them a penny.

Top Story in Wild Horse World for 2019?

The year isn’t quite over, but almost certainly the top story would be the announcement on 04-22-19 of the ill-conceived ‘Path Forward’ and its eventual funding by Congress.

Honorable mentions would include the

  • Shootings on Clark Mountain HA, Heber WHT and Floyd County
  • Turmoil in Laramie County regarding the high-capacity adoption center
  • Loss of Cedar Island Horses during Hurricane Dorian

Information about these and other events can be found in the Index.

PSA 12-03-19