Volunteer Ambassadors Sought

The Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses, a ranching front group and leader in the wild horse removal industry, has openings for three individuals with experience in education, public speaking, community relations and networking.

In these roles, you will

  • Become a leader on federal, state, and local legislative and policy issues
  • Advance initiatives to protect wild horses and burros, the environment and wildlife
  • Educate the public by speaking at schools and community organizations

For example, if asked about management practices at the North Lander Complex in Wyoming, your job is to convince others that livestock should receive at least seven times more forage than the horses, and the best way to achieve that goal is not with cruel and inhumane helicopter roundups but with safe and reversible fertility control.

VR Darting Injury 09-15-21

You will not be expected to convert AMLs to AUMs or compute forage allocations for livestock in areas set aside for wild horses because those numbers would destroy the rationale for your darting programs and reveal you and your colleagues as frauds.

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Protecting Wild Horses on Virginia Range 06-25-22

Montana Solution Alleviates Many Wild Horse Problems

Concerns about herd size, genetic diversity and inbreeding go away because there is no breeding at all.

With no new foals hitting the ground, death rates increase as the average age of the herds increases.

In the Conger sterilization experiment, mares left their band stallions to breed with bachelors, upsetting the natural order.

Youngsters grow up to rob the public-lands ranchers of their birthright.

With the Montana Solution, the permittees are safe.

The advocates talk about habitat fragmentation but not about herd fragmentation.

Ever notice that?

They give us so much to be thankful for, we really should be more grateful.

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Saving Wild Horses 06-18-22

How Do We Make Changes for the Horses?

Start by asking “Why?”

Why are AMLs small relative to the available resources?  Why are HMAs and WHTs managed primarily for livestock?  Why do the RMPs assign most of the food to cattle and sheep in areas set aside for horses and burros?

These questions will take you upstream in the management process, to policies, regulations and statutes, as well as the attitudes and beliefs of those who write them.

AMLs are not in the original WHB Act.

Almost half of the land designated in 1971 is now managed exclusively for livestock.

The original statute ordered the secretaries of Interior and Agriculture to work with state wildlife agencies to protect wildlife in those areas, especially endangered species.

There was no provision for livestock.

Roundups, darting programs, sterilization, sex ratio skewing, adoptions, training and slaughter are symptoms of the problem, not causes.

Who benefits from these things?

Wild horse advocacy takes a giant leap forward when it learns how to distinguish between cause and effect.

Today, it has a downstream focus and is dominated by frauds, reflected in the following image, so it can never bring improvements for the horses, only prolong their misery.

Standing Up for Wild Horses on Virginia Range 06-18-22

Long-Term Effects of Conger Sterilization Experiment?

According to the abstract published in April, band stallions that were gelded lost their mares while bachelors that were intact acquired mares, inverting the natural order.

Stronger horses that should be breeding are not while weaker horses that should not be breeding are.

This can’t be good for the herd over the long run, which means it will be of interest to the bureaucrats, ranchers and advocates.

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Ten Weeks to Go: Piceance-East Douglas Pre-Game Report

A survey of 450 horses last month found slightly more than half with body condition scores of four or more, according to an article posted this morning by The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel.

The remaining horses were graded three or less, indicating suboptimal health.

Holy cow, half of the animals were below average?  Who could have predicted that?

Would they have a better chance of survival on the range or in the off-range corrals?

How many more horses could stay in the HMA if the ranchers were confined to their base properties?

Is Colorado a fence-out state?

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BLM Jumps the Shark with New Carbon Sequestration Policy

The instruction memorandum provides guidance for authorizing right-of-ways for site characterization, transportation, injection, capture, and permanent storage of carbon dioxide at injection well locations on public lands managed by the agency, according to yesterday’s news release.

BLM Carbon Sequestration 06-10-22

The policy will help the administration combat the climate crisis and supports its goal of reaching net zero emissions economy-wide by 2050.

Their agenda will likely be derailed in November.

If these people are so worried about carbon dioxide, a naturally occurring compound needed by plants and trees, why don’t they do the honorable thing and stop breathing or otherwise remove themselves from the face of the planet?

Coalition Goes Public with Rock Springs RMP Protest

The leader in the wild horse removal business—next to the federal contractors—has joined forces with the Animal Welfare Institute and two other advocates in opposing the Rock Springs RMP Amendments announced on May 6, according to their news release.

The complaint, submitted on June 6, the final day of the protest period, criticizes the plan which will reduce the wild horse population by sixty to seventy percent, exactly what Plaintiff #1 is doing on the Virginia Range!

A keyword search of the document yielded 58 instances of “PZP.”

As predicted, these steadfast opponents of helicopter roundups now support them because they are part of the catch-treat-release protocols solicited by the BLM last month for delivery of the pesticide!  Refer to paragraph VI.A.1.b.

They have no convictions.

Nothing gets better for the horses until these frauds are out of the picture.

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Baby Murderers Outraged by Deaths of 19 Kids in Uvalde?

The headline could read Advocates Shocked by Loss of 145 Wild Horses at Canon City?

No difference.

The commie-pinko-fags in the Democrat Party, who are now trying to diminish your ability to keep and bear arms, and defend yourself from tyrants like them, don’t give a crap about children any more than the wild horse advocates give a crap about foals.

Both groups are frauds, with many members in common.

Don’t worry though, if you like your darting rifle you can keep your darting rifle.

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Advocates are the Predators 11-30-21

Cañon City Deaths in the News

Misleading reports about the loss of 145 wild horses are still rolling out, including this one by KVVU News in Las Vegas.

Why weren’t the horses on their home range?

Off-range corrals are not the problem, they are a symptom of the problem.

Curiously, the charlatans interviewed for these stories use the case to advance their own anti-horse agenda.

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PSA 12-07-19

Advocates Seek End of Roundups in Wake of Cañon City Incident

Two sentences from a story by the Las Vegas Review-Journal will suffice.

“An advocacy group for wild horses is seeking an emergency halt of roundups on public lands following recent assessments of understaffing and animal welfare risks at federal corrals and holding centers in Nevada and other Western states.”

“The American Wild Horse Campaign, as well as lawmakers led by Titus and Cohen, want federal agencies to implement birth control measures to reduce the need for the helicopter roundups.”

There’s nothing to see here, folks.

The Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses wants roundups replaced with darting programs.  They want the horses off the range as much as the bureaucrats and ranchers.

They’d be agitating for that even if there were no deaths at the off-range corrals.

Their long-term goal is to be the leader in the wild horse removal business.

So long, Cattoor and Sun J.

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Uvalde Aftermath: Abortion Still #1 Killer of Children

Would the one-horse pony travel to Texas if the victims were white?

As expected, liberals are using the incident to further their political agenda, which has always included the separation of you from your guns, as seen today on Drudge.

Uvalde Aftermath on Drudge 05-30-22

They want you subjugated to an all-powerful centralized government, the antithesis of the American founding.  And they’re willing to destroy the economy and your standard of living to achieve it.

If you won’t go along with their plan they’ll call you a racist, homophobe, misogynist or other pejorative.  That’s how they get their commie-pinko-fag candidates into office.

You fall for the ploy because you do not know Truth.

Pay no attention to their propaganda and never give up your guns.

Will Virginia Range Volunteers Be Elevated to Sainthood?

Normally the process is reserved for the deceased but in darting circles their accomplishments are unprecedented.

  • Nancy Killian
  • Steve Paige
  • Tamera Gertdz
  • Elena Sullivan

Each has delivered over one thousand doses of PZP to mustangs on the Virginia Range, according to the author of “Wild Horse Tales” in the May edition of Horse Tales.

As a result, injuries are easier to find than youngsters.

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Progression of Injuries VR 07-30-21

Still Not Convinced That the Advocates Are Frauds?

The mask is off.  The article titled “Wild Horse Tales” in the May edition of Horse Tales reveals their glorious plan, starting on page six.

No sensible person can look at what they’re doing to the horses and call it protection.

  • Promotion of overpopulation narrative
  • Silence about permitted grazing
  • Acceptance of rangeland mismanagement
  • Collaboration with bureaucrats and ranchers
  • Silence about resource availability and apportionment
  • Obsession with Montana Solution
  • Dismissal of principles in original statute

If you think these people are protecting wild horses then you probably think the Uvalde shooter was protecting kids.

Don’t forget your “Stay Wild” cap.

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Advocates are the Predators 11-30-21