Gotta Love It

Wreck is on westbound I-80 near Fairfield, CA, but traffic is backed up for miles in the opposite direction.  Three or four lanes across.  Bad day for horse watching in Nevada, at least if you live in the Bay Area.


Don’t worry though, all that wasted fuel means extra $$$ for state and federal coffers.


The NRA, not known for its unwavering support of the Second Amendment, is a member of the steering committee of the National Wild Horse and Burro Rangeland Management Coalition.


The aim of the NWHBRMC is to articulate the wild horse narrative.  They are not friends of the horses.  Their fingerprints are on the recent BLM Report to Congress (by way of the National Wild Horse and Burro Summit).

So now you have another reason to avoid the NRA.  They’re not on the side of freedom, ruggedness and self-reliance, but are aligned with weakness, vulnerability and dependence on government.

UPDATE: See this piece in The Washington Times about the incoming president of the NRA and this post in the Captain’s Journal about said incoming president.  H/T Western Rifle Shooters Association.


More on the WHB Narrative

An opinion piece in The Ely Times dated 05/04/18 yields three more components of the wild horse narrative.


A fourth element, mentioned last week, is they were turned loose or escaped from ranches and therefore have no special significance.

Note that the ranchers—bless their hearts—have reduced grazing on public lands to accommodate our poor horses and burros.  Just like the welfare recipients who voluntarily give up some of their government benefits after being told how those programs are driving the country into debt.

The WHB Act of 1971 did not include a provision for unrestricted sale of unadoptable animals.


That feature was added in 2004.

Do you really think the government would close departments, sell buildings and lay people off if wild horse and burro populations were reduced to their AMLs and there were no more animals in long-term holding?  Do you think the proposed measures would actually lead to a reduction in government spending?  Good grief.  Not as long as liberals are in charge.

The narrative is not about saving money.  It’s about getting the horses and burros off public lands and the ideas they represent out of the public’s mind.