Fish Springs Roundup Set for First Week of August

The Pine Nut gather will occur in November, according to a report dated 07/21/18 by KOLO-TV in Reno, NV.

Over half the area where horses were found in 1971 (when the WHB Act became law) has been designated a herd area (red border in the map below), which has no AML and is not managed for WHB, due to inadequate food and water.  However, it does have sufficient resources for other animals, such as, ahem, cough-cough, cattle and sheep.


These roundups, especially on herd areas, aren’t about saving money or protecting an endangered species.  They’re a payoff to the beef lobby and the crybabies they represent.

One way to put an end to this crap would be to raise the grazing fee from the current $1.41 per AUM to $25 per AUM, in line with grazing costs on private land.  The government serfs would be loading their cattle back on 18-wheelers faster than you can say Slaughterhouse Sue.

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Let’s Cut the Crap

Roles of the two major political parties in America, 2018.

  • Democrat: Drive us toward communism
  • Republican: Make sure we don’t turn back

The Democrat Party consists mostly of liberals and the Republican Party has a large and growing number of liberals.  They’re moving further to the left.  Conservatives are a shrinking minority.


Remember, these people did not force their way into office.  They were put there by the voters, some of whom are your friends, family members and co-workers.

The problem is not liberalism, the problem is liberals.

“…contraception in all forms is a grave sin against the 6th Commandment, and is at the very root of almost every problem in the post-Christian, post-modern West today.  In fact, it could be argued and argued well that the West officially became the POST-CHRISTIAN West when it first began to ratify contraception.”

Now we can have a meaningful conversation on the enemies of our wild ones.

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H/T WRSA for the photo, Barnhardt for the quote.