Zinke Orders Reinstatement of Hammond Grazing Permit

It’s tough being a government dependent.

You’re convicted of arson in 2012 (to hide the deer you killed, probably because they were robbing forage from your livestock), and when you tried to renew your grazing permit in 2014, the government said no.

In 2016, you returned to prison (because the original sentence was too light), sparking the Malheur Incident that ended with the death of another public-lands rancher.

In 2018, your hero (and wild horse hater) pulled some strings in the Trump Administration to get your sentence commuted.

Then, in early 2019, your grazing permit is restored, at the direction of outgoing DOI Secretary Ryan Zinke, according to a report that appeared Friday in Tri-State Livestock News.

Your cattle can once again enjoy the hills near South Steens HMA.  The next wild horse roundup can’t come soon enough.

“The people that are losing their permits from the wild horses, I feel terrible about that.  We’ve regained our ground.  I don’t see that they are going to get the horse deal understood before those people are totally out of business.  What in the world is America thinking about?”

There is nothing admirable in the story.  It’s not about rugged individualism and self reliance, it’s about victimhood and dependency.  Long-term access to cheap feed and periodic removal of other animals that get in your way.  Courtesy of the federal government and the American taxpayer.

The occupation of Malheur was in protest to the Obama administration, nothing more.

The ringleaders were public-lands ranchers from Bunkerville, NV.

Meanwhile, a few miles to the north in Elko County, NV, Madeleine Pickens waits patiently for the BLM to fulfill its end of the deal reached ten years ago to graze former wild horses on 600,000 acres of public land, access to which she obtained legally and with their blessing.

Moreover, the individual(s) who shot several wild horses there last August still haven’t been brought to justice.

Bill Aims to ‘Protect’ Corolla Wild Horses

Draft legislation, introduced in the U.S. Senate, would require the Fish and Wildlife Service, along with other stakeholders, to create a new plan for ‘managing’ the Corolla wild horses, according to a report posted yesterday in Coastal Review Online.

The move was endorsed by the Humane Society and ASPCA, groups that favor the use of contraceptives on wild horses.

You only have to look at western rangelands to see how this will turn out.

There will be claims of overpopulation, lack of predators and destruction of habitat.

Managers will be forced to achieve a ‘thriving ecological balance’ with ‘other mandated uses’ of the land.  This will come through amendments to the original statute, at the behest of one or more special interests.

Finally, actions will be taken to reduce the number horses, or better yet, replace them with other ‘ventures’ that are more ‘productive.’

Keep the feds out of it.

Comment on the Brumbies

The loss of dozens of wild horses in Australia has been in the news for several days, but was passed over by this writer because the circumstances were not understood and the location was beyond the scope of this blog.

But when liberals use the incident to push their Marxist agenda, well, that’s fair game.

The kook who wrote the piece said the horses “died a horrific, cruel death,” blaming them on “people who drive gas-guzzling trucks, luxury cars, SUVs, and so on.”

Omitted from his worldly concerns are the cruel and horrific deaths experienced by pre-born kids as they are hacked to pieces in their mother’s wombs and sucked out by vacuum cleaners in women’s ‘health clinics.’  (Also missing are the acts committed by the sodomites—so vile they cannot be put into words.)

Nope, he’s worried about carbon emissions and global warming.

Worst of all, he’s not getting the help he needs.

An example of those ‘immoral’ vehicles, which should be outlawed, can be found on the masthead of the WHW YouTube channel.

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CANA Foundation: Don’t Give Them a Penny

Manda Kalimian, founder of the non-profit organization that aims to ‘re-wild’ horses removed from western rangelands, made the following statement in an article posted 01/22/19 by the Navajo-Hopi Observer:

“I think we need to be looking at horse slaughter in the U.S. because we’re still exporting these horses (to Canada and Mexico), but we’re not saving them from being slaughtered.  Humane horse slaughter is an option that needs to be revisited and seriously revisited.”

Enough said.  The mask has come off.

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Multiple Use Minute

In keeping with ‘other mandated uses’ of this blog, here is a video of wildlife impacted by (former) wild horses, in particular, their poop.  Filmed 12/30/18.