‘Path Forward’ Is Not a Trump Administration Proposal!

A syndicated report by the Associated Press, making its way through major news outlets, refers to the disastrous management plan as “a new Trump administration proposal.”

As stated back in October by the chair of the WHBAB, the proposal was presented to Congress and it’s up to Congress to act on it (full quote at this post).

Of course, the executive branch will own it if the President signs a bill that funds it.

Although legislators are working out the details of the new spending bill, which will eventually end up on the President’s desk, we really don’t know what he’s been told about America’s wild horses.

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North Hills Roundup Starts Next Week

BLM said today that approximately 250 excess horses will be removed from the North Hills JMA starting December 15.  The operation will be carried out with helicopters and will be open to public observation, according to the news release.

The JMA covers about 84,600 acres in southwestern Utah and includes the North Hills HMA and North Hills WHT.  BLM manages the area jointly with the Forest Service.

The combined AML is 60, accounting for 720 AUMs per year.  The AML for the HMA is 36, requiring 432 AUMs per year.

North Hills JMA Map-1

The HMA intersects five grazing allotments that provide 1,967 AUMs per year for cattle and sheep inside the HMA, per Section 3.2 of the final EA.

Livestock grazing does not occur in the WHT.

Captured animals will be taken to the off-range corrals in Axtell.

Gather stats and daily reports will be posted to this page.

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Devil’s Garden Three-Strikers Up for Sale

Horses younger than ten years of age at the Double Devil Corrals are available for $25 each through January 9, according to a report by the Herald and News of Klamath Falls, OR, after which the price falls to $1 each.

These animals were offered unsuccessfully for adoption three times and have now been placed on the clearance rack, as stipulated in the Burns Amendment.

They were removed from the WHT in September and October.

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PSA 12-12-19

PZP Zealots Seek Funding Limits on ‘Path Forward’

Animal Wellness Action, a lobbying group in Washington D.C., said yesterday that a letter had been sent to leadership of the House and Senate appropriations committees for the Department of the Interior, urging them to fund only the $6 million proposed in the House and to restrict those funds solely to the use of PZP.

The Cloud Foundation and American Wild Horse Campaign applauded the request.

The signatories also oppose surgical sterilization, according to the news release, but apparently they don’t mind if it happens via contraceptives.


When will these ‘advocacy’ groups come to their senses, learn the difference between symptoms and causes, and act in favor of the horses, not the public-lands ranchers?

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Abandoned Horses to be Removed from Uintah County

Earlier this week County Commissioners authorized the removal of 300 to 500 stray horses from rangelands in eastern Utah, according to a report by Deseret News.

The decision was based on public safety concerns and the condition of the horses.

Unclaimed animals will be transferred to a sale barn in Ballard, where they could be picked up by kill buyers.

Public lands in the county were zeroed out for wild horses in 2001.

The story did not indicate if livestock grazing occurs in the area.