Cattlemen Optimistic About ‘Progress’ in Washington D.C.

Greater access to markets in Japan, China and Europe should bode well for American beef producers, according to a report posted today by Capital Press of Salem, OR.

A spokesman for NCBA said that “congressional funding to increase roundups and fertility control” will hopefully avoid “producers go[ing] out of business in the areas where these horses are exploding in population.”

The industry is also pushing for labeling laws and standards of identity for beef and its alternatives, in view of growing consumer interest in meat substitutes.

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Range Fed Beef

Seaman Roundup to Resume Next Week

BLM said today that helicopters will return to the air on or about January 5, to remove an additional 150 wild horses from the Herd Areas.  Operations will be open to public observation, starting on January 6, according to the news release.

Captured animals will be taken to the off-range corrals in Ridgecrest, CA.

Gather stats and daily reports will be posted to this page.

The roundup was suspended last month because the horses moved to areas with heavy pinyon-juniper cover, typical for higher elevations in Nevada.

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Fish Springs Context

The story of the roundup has been going around on socialist media for several weeks and many of the followers are upset, understandably.

But the report by KOLO News didn’t provide any background on the situation.

The local ‘advocacy’ group now crying “Foul!” actually called for the removal of ten bachelor stallions from the area a year ago.

When they’re not photographing the horses, they’re shooting them with contraceptives.

Who benefits from this?  Certainly not the horses.

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PSA 12-15-19

AWHC Reviews 2019 Results

What exactly have they done to push back against the public-lands ranchers?

Not a damn thing.

Yet they’re doing everything they can to destroy the Virginia Range mustangs—the herd that defies the wild horse narrative and contradicts the lies of the BLM.

Velma would be shocked.

The organization is so far gone that it can only be salvaged by a complete change of leadership.  Don’t give them a penny.

BLM Nabs Fish Springs Mustangs

The incident began in late November with a phone call from a Douglas County resident and now 21 of the horses are in captivity at Palomino Valley.

The studs have been gelded and separated from the mares.

They will be auctioned next month, according to a report by KOLO News of Reno.

The horses lived in the Pine Nut Mountains Herd Area, south of the HMA, which was gathered earlier this year.

The local ‘advocacy’ group took a pro-ranching message to the WHBAB in October.

Top Story in Wild Horse World for 2019?

The year isn’t quite over, but almost certainly the top story would be the announcement on 04-22-19 of the ill-conceived ‘Path Forward’ and its eventual funding by Congress.

Honorable mentions would include the

  • Shootings on Clark Mountain HA, Heber WHT and Floyd County
  • Turmoil in Laramie County regarding the high-capacity adoption center
  • Loss of Cedar Island Horses during Hurricane Dorian

Information about these and other events can be found in the Index.

PSA 12-03-19

Rescuers Trying to Move Floyd County Horses

WYMT News of Hazard, KY said today that personnel with Dumas Rescue are trying to get the survivors off the mountain but the effort has been complicated by the terrain.

One of the dead horses was taken to Lexington for a necropsy, according to the report.

A detective indicated that tips have been coming in but no suspects have been identified.

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