Sacrificial Lambs at Fish Springs

Ten wild stallions will be removed from the Fish Springs area next week, according to a report posted today by The Record-Courier of Gardnerville, NV.  Written complaints to the BLM have described their behavior as ‘aggressive.’   Damage to private property and a concern for personal safety were also cited in the complaints.

“A formal request for their removal was submitted by the Pine Nuts Wild Horse Advocates group.”

Bait traps will be used to capture the ‘excess’ stallions.

In September the BLM demanded that the Fish Springs herd be reduced from 78 horses to 58 by 2020.  Could it be that the PN ‘advocates’ see this as opportunity to partially achieve that goal?  Will they help the BLM set the traps?

The Fish Springs horses reside in the Pine Nut Mountains Herd Area, south of the Pine Nut Mountains HMA.

See also this news release issued today by the BLM.

RELATED: BLM Dictates Terms of Surrender to Fish Springs Advocates.

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