BLM Dictates Terms of Surrender to Fish Springs Advocates

The number of wild horses in the Fish Springs area must be reduced from 78 to 58 by 2020, according to a report posted 09/21/18 in The Record-Courier.

“If you need our help with panels or bait trapping to get that reduction done, we will schedule that help.”

The requirement, part of a plan for managing the horses, was laid down by Mike Courtney, acting director of the BLM in Nevada.

He also stressed the importance of ‘healthy rangelands.’

“That means no more than moderate utilization 40-60 percent forage species between wild horses and livestock.”

Yep, the number of horses in the Pine Nut HA (south of the Pine Nut HMA) must be reduced by 25% and livestock will get 50% more forage than the horses—on lands set aside for the horses.


Will the advocates help the BLM set the traps, as was done a few weeks ago at Little Bookcliffs?  How much PZP will be required to impose a negative birth rate on these horses?  How many poor ranchers will be hurt by the mandatory AUM curtailment?

There is no curtailment.

Courtney said the planned roundup of horses in the HMA should happen sometime between November and January.

This is what happens when an unelected bureaucracy caters to a special interest against the wishes of the American people.  The special interest, of course, is the oil and gas industry, as indicated by all the drilling rigs, frac tanks and generator sets in the Fish Springs area.

The last things you’ll see are stock tanks, cattle gates and T-post fencing.

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