Senate Funding of ‘Path Forward’ in the News

Funding to carry out a sizeable chunk of the wild horse management plan, authorized last week by the Senate Committee on Appropriations, has ranchers celebrating and advocates fuming, according to an AP story posted today by KTLA News of Los Angeles.

The glorious ‘Path Forward,’ as it is known, will protect the animals from killing or sale to slaughter, according to the report, except that most of them will be removed from their home range (so they can be replaced with privately owned cattle and sheep).

Put them in sanctuaries or contracted pastures so they can live out their lives in segregated herds.  No families, no foals, no legacy.

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Who Added ‘Path Forward’ to Senate Spending Bill?

The legislation was drafted by the Subcommittee for Interior, Environment and Related Agencies and approved by the Senate Committee on Appropriations last week.  It still has to be put to a vote of the full Senate and be reconciled with the bill in the House.

The House authorized $6 million for a ‘Path Forward’ pilot program earlier this year.

The Senate authorized $35 million for the ‘Path Forward’ in FY 2020.

Almost all of the senators on the Subcommittee are liberals.  The two in the ‘minority’ are not paragons of conservatism (grades from Conservative Review).

  • Lisa Murkowski, Chair, R-AK, F
  • Tom Udall, Ranking Member, D-NM, F
  • Lamar Alexander, Member, R-TN, F
  • Roy Blunt, Member, R-MO, F
  • Mitch McConnell, Member, R-KY, F
  • Shelley Moore Capito, Member, R-WV, F
  • Cindy Hyde-Smith, Member, R-MS, F
  • Steve Daines, Member, R-MT, C
  • Marco Rubio, Member, R-FL, D
  • Dianne Feinstein, Member, D-CA, F
  • Patrick Leahy, Member, D-VT, F
  • Jack Reed, Member, D-RI, F
  • Jon Tester, Member, D-MT, F
  • Jeff Merkley, Member, D-OR, F
  • Chris Van Hollen, Member, D-MD, F

Look at the first page of the ‘Path Forward.’  There are no endorsements from oil companies, mining companies, timber companies.

So who on the Subcommittee is in bed with the public-lands ranchers?  Which senators would benefit from fewer wild horses in their state?

The BLM manages wild horses and burros in ten western states, while the Forest Service manages wild horses and burros in nine western states.

The demonic plan was not discussed in the Appropriations Committee meeting last week, even though the Bill for Interior contained a large expenditure for the new item.

You can listen to the audio here.  Remarks about the bill run from 30:37 to 43:30.

Apparently, the guilty parties don’t want to be identified.

Range Creek Gather in Progress

The roundup started yesterday, with 63 excess horses removed from their home range in eastern Utah.  No deaths were reported and body condition scores were 4’s, according to the daily report.  Public observation was not allowed because the operation was carried out on private land.  Observers were present at the temporary holding facility.

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Cedar Island Herd to be Rebuilt

The remnant, following losses attributed to hurricane Dorian, includes thirteen mares and eight geldings—a non-starter for those unfamiliar with horses.

But one of the herd managers has a stallion in reserve, and he will be allowed to rejoin the herd in the spring, according to a story posted earlier today by the Carteret County News-Times of Morehead City, NC.

Although two other stallions are available in South Carolina, questions of inbreeding and genetic viability remain.

The Cedar Island herd was established about 25 years ago as a ‘backup’ for the herd at Shackleford Banks.

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IRRC Wins Stewardship Award

The Idaho Rangeland Resources Commission, the propaganda arm for public-lands ranching in the state, was recognized today by the BLM for involving students in rangeland education and policy formation.  The award was presented at the annual meeting of the Public Lands Council (another propaganda organ).

Also commended was their promotion of recreational activities involving livestock grazing, according to the news release.

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Group Seeks Information on New Grazing Initiative

The Flathead Beacon of Kalispell, MT reported yesterday that the Western Watersheds Project filed a lawsuit earlier this week to obtain more information about a program announced in 2017 and launched in 2018.

BLM says the project will give land managers and permit holders greater flexibility in managing privately owned livestock on public lands.

WWP claims the program will put wildlife, including some endangered species, at risk.

Although the link to the map is broken, the project may involve lands set aside for wild horses, given the list of operators in the 2018 news release.

Dorian Achieves Same Results as ‘Path Forward’

Sixty percent of the Cedar Island herd is gone.  You could argue that genetic diversity was lacking before the storm.  If not, it is now.  Can they recover?

The same thing could happen out west.  A fast moving wildfire, a harsh winter or a fatal disease could ruin one or more HMAs.

Even in the face of these threats, the PZP zealots will not rethink their position, because they, like the public-lands ranchers, believe there are too many wild horses on western rangelands.

The glorious Path Forward, with its plan for massive roundups and widespread use of contraceptives, will make those rangelands look like they were hit by a natural disaster, at least from a wild horse viewpoint.

The fences will still be there.  The forage will still be there.  And the livestock will still be there, as they were before that pesky Wild Horse Annie got involved.

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Cedar Island Horses Swept Away by Dorian

The Charlotte Observer is reporting that 28 wild horses were lost on Cedar Island when hurricane Dorian hit on 09-06-19.  The horses roamed freely on 1,000 acres of privately owned land about 25 miles northeast of Shackleford Banks.  Only 21 remain.

Videos of a dead horse being eaten by a tiger shark in that area were posted two days ago by Reel Hooker Fishing & Outdoor Adventures.

The story did not indicate if the Cedar Island herd was subject to humane management practices (see Lexicon).

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Surprise Valley Horses Ignore HMA Boundaries

Filmed near Cedarville, CA, not far from the Nevada border, these wild horses roam in an area between Round Mountain HMA and Carter Reservoir HMA.

Cedarville CA Map-1

The Round Mountain HMA is the BLM-managed portion of the Devil’s Garden WHT, most of which lies to the west of Round Mountain (above Alturas).

Surprise Valley, which includes the town of Cedarville, is on the western side of the Great Basin, home to many of the nation’s wild horses and burros.