Surprise Valley Horses Ignore HMA Boundaries

Filmed near Cedarville, CA, not far from the Nevada border, these wild horses roam in an area between Round Mountain HMA and Carter Reservoir HMA.

Cedarville CA Map-1

The Round Mountain HMA is the BLM-managed portion of the Devil’s Garden WHT, most of which lies to the west of Round Mountain (above Alturas).

Surprise Valley, which includes the town of Cedarville, is on the western side of the Great Basin, home to many of the nation’s wild horses and burros.

One thought on “Surprise Valley Horses Ignore HMA Boundaries

  1. I am a animal lover,and I would love to go see the wild mustangs, we will be driving in hopfully in a direction to see them.on feb.14th it’s our anniversary, does anyone know where they winter,give me a clue.i live in shingletown.

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