Challis Roundup Ends

BLM said today that 295 wild horses had been gathered from the HMA, taking the herd from 429 animals to 134.  No deaths were reported and the number of horses to be returned has yet to be determined.  The post-gather population target is 185.

Captured mares will be treated with contraceptives before being returned to their home range, according to the news release, and the sex ratio of the herd will be altered to slow population growth.

The gather stats included 14 geldings and 43 foals.  After deducting the geldings from the total, the youngsters accounted for 15% of the horses captured.

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Echo Bluff Horses Lose Freedom Because of Stupid Humans

This story was in the news a few days ago but was passed over because the original site was fouled with ads and tracking software.

But this syndicated version by Fox News of St. Louis is readable.

Visitors to the park had been feeding the animals and they became a bit too friendly, so they were removed and put up for adoption.

Hand feeding is one of the best ways to make a horse pushy and disrespectful.

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Assateague Island Cited as PZP Success Story

Refer to the comments from 40:52 to 42:44 in this radio segment on the ‘Path Forward’ by KNPR of Las Vegas.  The program host asks if there is a perfect model for managing wild horse populations.

The guest, a member of the Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board and science advisor for Return to Freedom, pointed to Assateague as the gold standard (Maryland side of the island, ponies on the Virginia side are managed by the annual swim).


The size of the herd declined from 78 in November 2018 to 75 in November 2019, there is clear evidence of a problem with its sex ratio and genetic diversity may be inadequate.

And you’re holding that up as an example of success?

The only non-lethal option for on-range management of wild horses and burros in the American west is to end public-lands ranching and restore the WHB Act to its original form.

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Ties Between PZP Zealots and Public-Lands Ranchers Revealed

Listen to the remarks from 42:45 to 43:51 in this radio segment on the ‘Path Forward’ by KNPR of Las Vegas.  Yep, reduce horses to allow more vegetation [for the ranchers].

The ill-conceived management plan, which will remove 70% of America’s wild horses and burros from their home range and slow the growth of the remaining herds, was not created by two opposing groups—it was written by comrades in arms!

Wild horse advocates were barred from the process because they’re on the fringe and might try to undo four years of ‘progress.’

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