Antelope Roundup Moves Into Second Phase

The contracted part of the operation ended on October 8, according to the daily reports, with 911 excess horses removed from their home range.  Eleven deaths were reported (1.2%) and 17 animals were returned to the HMAs.

Body condition scores were not given.

The removal of horses outside the HMAs began on October 17, using BLM’s equipment and personnel.

The forage allocated to domestic livestock in the Antelope Complex, which includes the HMAs affected by this roundup, would support over 10,000 wild horses.

The ‘Path Forward‘ is clearly wrong.  The problem is public-lands ranching.

RELATED: Roundup Starts Next Week in Lower Half of Antelope Complex.

UPDATE: The reports said 946 horses gathered, not 918, minus seven from phase two, minus 17 returned, for a total of 922 removed in phase one.

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