The ‘Path Forward’ is Actually a Path Backward

In this video, Celeste Carlisle, RTF scientist and WHBAB member, speaks about wild horse fertility control at the Pathways 2019 Wildlife Conference in Estes Park, CO.

Discussion of the ‘Path Forward,’ to which RTF is a signatory, begins at 15:20.

Yes, they are getting hammered for it, and rightly so.

Wild horse preservationists were barred from the formulation, you see, because they are fringe groups—there would be no advancement in the discussion (16:32).

That’s what happens when you try to reconcile two incompatible views.

How can anyone look at the AUM distribution on lands set aside for the horses, such as in this post, and conclude that fertility control is the answer?

As reported yesterday, the forage allocated to domestic livestock in the Antelope Complex would support over 10,000 wild horses.  The forage allocated to livestock on the Triple B Complex would support over 4,000 wild horses.

The problem is not uncontrolled reproduction, it is public-lands ranching.

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