Educating PTH

According to the Mission Statement of Protect The Harvest, you have a right to hunt, fish, farm, eat meat, and own pets.

Sorry guys, you do not.  Please read The Bill of No Rights.

What do you call a system where the products of one man’s industry are taken away and given to someone else?

Slavery.  Communism.  Liberalism.

You do not have a right to anything that must be produced, such as food, clothing, shelter, land, water, transportation, goods and services.  You do not have a claim on the fruits of another man’s labor.

You say you’re thankful for the American way of life but you do not understand it.

Moreover, you do little if anything to defend it and preserve it.

What is your plan to get liberals out of office, repeal Obamacare and secure the damn border?

Do you think it’s the WH advocates who want to confiscate your guns?  How’s that hunting trip going to work when you can’t buy ammo?

You—and the crybabies you represent—mislead the American people and attack their cherished symbols of freedom, ruggedness and self-reliance.

Shame on you PTH.  Shame on you.

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Next Mood Swing Six Seconds

Spaying of mares.  Why would anyone consider these invasive and risky procedures?  Let’s take a look at some of the literature.

The photo at the top of the first article, published 06/02/15 in Practical Horseman, says it all: Incompetence, or lack of knowledge of horses.  I hate it when my horse acts like a horse, going from sweet and agreeable to grumpy and unpredictable.  I can’t control her so I have to put her in cross-ties.  What I can’t fix by breeding and supplements I’ll alter by surgery.

Another article, posted 03/12/14 in Equinews, indicates that spaying of mares is not common and points out the hazards of removing the ovaries, such as hemorrhage, infection, colic and damage to internal organs.

The author of the third article, dated 08/06/14 in PetMD, states that spaying is justified mostly for medical reasons and that she was not taught the procedures in vet school.

But what if you’re an organization with deep pockets and an agenda?

What if you believe that Americans have a right to eat meat?  You might even think you’ve got a right to produce it.  You found some land that would be nice for grazing, but it was set aside by Congress primarily for wild horses and burros.

You need to get those animals off the range.  They’re consuming forage that could put weight on your cattle for low cost.  The fees you pay help grow the government.  It’s a win-win.

Helicopter roundups have bad optics and they don’t provide a lasting solution, so let’s build public support for sterilization.  A contest involving spayed fillies might work.  Given that many people already agree with contraception for horses (and themselves), this should be a piece of cake.

These Guys Are Not WH Advocates

Latest from Protect the Harvest: A new division at the Reno Snaffle Bit Futurity to promote the spaying of wild fillies.

Note the cooperation of the BLM.

How many horses were injured or lost to come up with the twelve they’re parading around for this event?

Mengele would be proud.

Two years ago BLM was forced to stop its experimentation on horses in Oregon.  In 2017, BLM was stopped in a similar case involving wild horses in Idaho.

This is why you can’t even accept contraception for horses.  It’s a stepping stone to sterilization, which is a stepping stone to euthanasia…or slaughter.

See also the remarks posted last year by the clapping seals at HorseForum.


The Area Is Decimated

That’s how Protect the Harvest describes the Virginia Range.

This site contains numerous photos of the Virginia Range and VR horses, most taken within the last year.  Do you see any signs of starvation?  Land wiped out by overgrazing?

These guys are on record as having no interest in taking ownership of the VR horses.

A representative of PTH appeared before the Board of Agriculture on 12/12/17 stating exactly that (go to 47:20 in the audio at this post).

A similar statement was made in an interview published 01/31/18 by The Storey Teller.

So why are they following the case so closely?

Here’s one possibility: The Virginia Range is an outlier, the numbers don’t fit the pattern established by their allies at the BLM.

If you want to get a quick estimate of the number of horses allowed in a given HMA, take the available acreage and divide by 800 (800 acres per horse).  A parcel with 88,000 acres will support a maximum of 110 horses.

The VR has 3000 horses on 500 square miles.  That’s 500 × 640 ÷ 3000 = 106 acres per horse.

The Virginia Range horses are surviving on a smaller ‘per capita’ land allocation than your typical HMA.  The carrying capacity of the land is greater than BLM allows, at least on the Virginia Range.  This casts a long shadow over the figures used by BLM and PTH.

The number of horses on the Virginia Range needs to be reduced to 500 or less, not because of a problem with the land, but to bring it in line with the BLM/PTH narrative.

If you’re still not convinced, consider this trailcam image from 07/24/17.  It provides graphic evidence of the damage to wildlife and rangeland caused by the VR horses.


Horses of the Badlands

On the north side of I-94, near the town of Medora, ND, you’ll find Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  It consists of three areas: North Unit, South Unit, Elkhorn Ranch Unit.

A video overview appears on this page.

Wild horses roam the South Unit, along with bison and other wildlife.  The horses, of course, are subject to ‘humane’ management practices.  Excess horses are offered for adoption through the General Services Administration.  The North Dakota Badlands Horse Registry maintains a database of adopted horses and advocates for WH preservation in TRNP.

The park is managed by the NPS, not the BLM.

These Women Are Not WH Advocates

Video posted June 2017 by liberal/modernist/progressive NBC Left Field.  At least they admit their bias.  Shows PZP darting of mares.

You want to build a house?  Buy some land.

New factory or chemical plant?  Get some land.

You want to graze livestock?  Run to government.

Farming and ranching are two of the most respectable professions out there.

But get your own land.  Like everybody else.  And leave the horses alone.

Neglect Case in Maryland

More than two dozen horses found dead on a two acre ranch in Wicomico County, according to a report published 03/17/18 in Delmarva Now.

A woman interviewed for the story said “…it is not unusual for a horse owner, especially so many of them, to have horses die….”  Maybe that’s consistent with her show-horse experience.

But it’s not inevitable.

Which of these things might be a factor in the case?

  • No blankets
  • Not kept in stalls
  • Inadequate supplements
  • Nobody braided their tails
  • No shoes
  • Wrong type of fly spray
  • Not enough time in the round pen
  • Didn’t have a job
  • Poor management of manure
  • Not enough food
  • Not enough clean water

Looks like the horses only had access to part of the property, so if you chose the last three you’re probably not too far off the mark.