Neglect Case in Maryland

More than two dozen horses found dead on a two acre ranch in Wicomico County, according to a report published 03/17/18 in Delmarva Now.

A woman interviewed for the story said “…it is not unusual for a horse owner, especially so many of them, to have horses die….”  Maybe that’s consistent with her show-horse experience.

But it’s not inevitable.

Which of these things might be a factor in the case?

  • No blankets
  • Not kept in stalls
  • Inadequate supplements
  • Nobody braided their tails
  • No shoes
  • Wrong type of fly spray
  • Not enough time in the round pen
  • Didn’t have a job
  • Poor management of manure
  • Not enough food
  • Not enough clean water

Looks like the horses only had access to part of the property, so if you chose the last three you’re probably not too far off the mark.

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