Another Devil’s Garden Roundup Starts Next Month?

An online meeting regarding the use of motorized vehicles in roundup set to begin next month will occur August 20, according to a story posted today by the Herald and News of Klamath Falls, OR.

An announcement for the event could not be found on the USFS new site or the news page for the Modoc National Forest.

The Devil’s Garden WHT was gathered about a year ago with 500 wild horses removed.

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Wild Horse Management

Emergency Roundup Scorecard

Montezuma Peak HMA

  • Animals gathered: 0 horses, 29 burros
  • Goal: 50 horses, 25 burros
  • Animals shipped: 0
  • Animal deaths: 0
  • Last update: Unknown (daily reports won’t open)
  • Gather stats

Nevada WHR

  • Animals gathered: 53 horses
  • Goal: 125 horses
  • Animals shipped: 0
  • Animal deaths: 0
  • Last update: August 1
  • Gather stats

Antelope Valley HMA

Triple B / Maverick-Medicine HMAs

  • Animals gathered: 51 horses
  • Goal: 360 horses
  • Animals shipped: 0
  • Animal deaths: 0
  • Last update: July 31
  • Gather stats

Jackson Mountains HMA

The Shawave Mountains roundup starts tomorrow but will be carried out on a planned basis.  Same for Saylor Creek, which has not yet started.

Isaias Update, ‘Too Many Vowels’ Edition

NOTE: Some vowels have been removed from this report to achieve a thriving alphabetical balance.  This does not mean—and you should not construe—that this blog is managed primarily for consonants, even if they outnumber vowels 37 to 1.

The systm has been downgraded to a tropicl strm.  Although the trck has shifted farther to the west, OBX is now undr a tropical storm watch (indicatd by yellow n the map).

Isaias Track 08-02-20 11 AM-1

The strm will likely brng heavy rain and floding to the Assateague pones as well.

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Chincoteague Auction Sets New Record

Not bad for an event that was cancelled, although the auction happened online.

Bidders paid a total of $380,000 this year, according to a report by Delmarva Now.

The ponies usually swim across the bay from Assateague Island (Virginia side) to Chincoteague but they may have been hauled by trailer this year.

The following video by Alyssa Equestrian shows them at the Chintoteague Volunteer Fire Company Carnival Grounds, where the auction usually occurs.

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