Triple B Emergency Wild Horse Roundup Begins This Week

BLM announced today that approximately 360 wild horses will be removed from the Triple B and Maverick-Medicine HMAs starting July 24, due to lack of water.

The HMAs belong to the Triple B Complex, which was gathered about a year ago.

The operation will be carried out with bait traps, according to the news release, and will not be open to public observation.

Triple B covers 1,232,494 acres in eastern Nevada.  Maverick-Medicine, to the north, contains 323,562 acres.  The AML at Triple B is 518, for a target stocking rate of 0.4 wild horses per thousand acres.  At Maverick-Medicine, the AML is 276, for a target stocking rate of 0.9 wild horses per thousand acres.

Triple B HMA Map-1

Recall from the discussion in April that fractional stocking rates may indicate large amounts of forage diverted to privately owned livestock.

The estimated population at Triple B is 1,618 wild horses, with an estimated 1,944 wild horses at Maverick-Medicine.

Captured animals will be taken to the off-range corrals at Palomino Valley, about 20 miles north of Reno.

Gather stats and daily reports will appear on this page.

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