Shawave Roundup, Day 21

Gather stats through August 23:

  • Horses captured: 1,578
  • Burros captured: 220
  • Animal deaths: 10

Captured mares now outnumber studs by 152.  Foals accounted for 18.5% of the total.

A mare died in the traps August 22 due to a broken neck.  Body condition scores have not been provided in this roundup.

Helicopter operations may cease in the next day or two, as the gather target of 1,650 horses has almost been reached.

The total number of animals shipped is 1,741.  The number of animals to be returned, according to the following relationship, is 47.

Animals shipped = Animals gathered – Animal deaths – Animals returned

The contractor is holding 44 mares on site (treated with contraceptives) so there are three unaccounted-for animals.

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