Educating PTH

According to the Mission Statement of Protect The Harvest, you have a right to hunt, fish, farm, eat meat, and own pets.

Sorry guys, you do not.  Please read The Bill of No Rights.

What do you call a system where the products of one man’s industry are taken away and given to someone else?

Slavery.  Communism.  Liberalism.

You do not have a right to anything that must be produced, such as food, clothing, shelter, land, water, transportation, goods and services.  You do not have a claim on the fruits of another man’s labor.

You say you’re thankful for the American way of life but you do not understand it.

Moreover, you do little if anything to defend it and preserve it.

What is your plan to get liberals out of office, repeal Obamacare and secure the damn border?

Do you think it’s the WH advocates who want to confiscate your guns?  How’s that hunting trip going to work when you can’t buy ammo?

You—and the crybabies you represent—mislead the American people and attack their cherished symbols of freedom, ruggedness and self-reliance.

Shame on you PTH.  Shame on you.

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