These Guys Are Not WH Advocates

Latest from Protect the Harvest: A new division at the Reno Snaffle Bit Futurity to promote the spaying of wild fillies.

Note the cooperation of the BLM.

How many horses were injured or lost to come up with the twelve they’re parading around for this event?

Mengele would be proud.

Two years ago BLM was forced to stop its experimentation on horses in Oregon.  In 2017, BLM was stopped in a similar case involving wild horses in Idaho.

This is why you can’t even accept contraception for horses.  It’s a stepping stone to sterilization, which is a stepping stone to euthanasia…or slaughter.

See also the remarks posted last year by the clapping seals at HorseForum.


One thought on “These Guys Are Not WH Advocates

  1. AMEN! Thank you for your blog. Those folks are plain sick! Spaying horses? They only have a foal a year, if they are lucky. And what is the survival for those foals born? With the gatherings etc.?

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