Dorian Achieves Same Results as ‘Path Forward’

Sixty percent of the Cedar Island herd is gone.  You could argue that genetic diversity was lacking before the storm.  If not, it is now.  Can they recover?

The same thing could happen out west.  A fast moving wildfire, a harsh winter or a fatal disease could ruin one or more HMAs.

Even in the face of these threats, the PZP zealots will not rethink their position, because they, like the public-lands ranchers, believe there are too many wild horses on western rangelands.

The glorious Path Forward, with its plan for massive roundups and widespread use of contraceptives, will make those rangelands look like they were hit by a natural disaster, at least from a wild horse viewpoint.

The fences will still be there.  The forage will still be there.  And the livestock will still be there, as they were before that pesky Wild Horse Annie got involved.

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